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Surfing Theme Party Planning, Ideas, and SuppliesSurfing Theme Party Planning, Ideas, and Supplies

Surfing Theme Party Planning, Ideas, and Supplies

Whether you are an expert surfer or just dream of catching a wave, a surf theme party will delight water lovers of all ages.

Surf Party Invitations

Choosing your invitation is the equivalent of the title of a paper … it sets the tone for the entire party!

Many of these invitations are available in digital and letterpress, in a variety of colors, and offer coordinating extras.

Surfing Penguin Birthday Party Invitation  Tropical Tryst seaside palms thermography invitations  classy coral party invitations

Birthday party invitations, Surfing Penguin | Beach Resort : Surf | Seaside Palms : Robins Egg | Classy Coral Party Invitation

palm trees wedding invitations    reef romance thermography save the date cards

Palm Trees : Rust | Reef Romance : Robins Egg


Surf’s Up: Navy : Navy | Surfer Summer | Tropical Luau | Surfer Style: Light Blue : Light Blue


Beach Paradise Invitation       TROPICAL FUN LUAU

Bright Boards | Birthday Surfari | Beach Paradise | Tropical Fun Luau

block print waves wedding invitations   Sun, Sand + Surf Children's Birthday Party Invitations

Block Print Waves Invitation | Sun, Sand + Surf Invitation

sand and surf wedding invitations      surfboard party invitation

Wedding invitations, Sand and Surf | Surfboard Party Invitation


Surfs Up Invitation | Blue Surf Invitation

Surf Party Stamps

Personalize your stamps by using Zazzle custom postage. Before purchasing any postage, please be sure to bring a complete invitation, including all inserts, to a local post office to determine exactly how much postage is required.

cool waves postage    surfer stamps     gotta surf postage    surfs up postage stamp

Cool Waves Stamp | Surfer Stamps | Rainbow Rider Surf Stamp | Gotta Surf Stamp | Surfs Up Postage Stamp

Surf Party Table Linens

You have many options to create an festive surf inspired look. Your choice will ultimately come down to a combination of what your room looks like and how daring you feel. Party Idea Pros suggests scrolling through the BBJ Linen event photos to choose a look that you find particularly attractive and then order the appropriate linens. Don’t forget to include your place card table, your gift table, buffet tables, and any ceremonial tables when determining your linen count. Also, if you chose to use more ornate linens, do not use them for the cocktail hour; they will have a greater impact as your guests enter the dining room.

BBJ Linen

If you want to save some money, use a classic solid linen or most venues will supply complimentary white or cream linens. Either will work since they provide a neutral palette that will compliment any surf decor. Likewise, if you are hosting a surfing theme party at home, any linen color will work. Just plan your table decor around your linen options. Place mats can also work, and to tell you the truth, individual sheets of scrap booking paper work great and are adorable. Choose any solid color paper or choose one of Party Idea Pros recommended prints. If you are feeling creative and have lots of time, you can even create a layout highlighting your guest of honor. Another option is to use your place mats as place cards by creating a page for each of your guests.Rather than make your own placemats, just purchase these surf print place mats.

Hawaiian Bamboo Placemat Kona Surfboard Rental       Hawaiian Luau Round Raffia Fringe Placemats

Kona Surfboad Hawaiian Bamboo Placemat | Hawaiian Luau Round Raffia Fringe Placemats

Surf City Placemat    Surfing Placemat Pads

Surf City PlacematSurfing Placemat Pads

Surf Party Centerpieces

Create your own Centerpieces.

Pour sand in the middle of table. Place the palm tree off center on the sand and the sculpture in the center.

These unique water sports sculptures will make your event stand out. The artist captures just about every sport imaginable in bright, vibrant colors. Have fun choosing a different sculpture for every table. After your party, either present family members and special friends with figures they will relate to or donate them to charitable organizations for their silent fundraisers. Be sure to let the guest of honor choose his or her favorite to keep for the memory. Prices vary.

Mini Palm Tree Centerpiece     Potted Palm Tree Centerpiece     METAL PALM TREE CANDLEHOLDER

Mini Palm Tree Centerpiece | Potted Palm Tree CenterpieceMetal Palm Tree Candle Holder | Colored Sand

Order 2 two pound packs of sand per table...

More Surf Theme Centerpieces

Tropical Flower Arrangements

Ok – we give up. Every time we link to flower arrangements they soon disappear from the site. So instead we will continue to provide inspiration and list our “go to” online florists so you can hopefully find something similar to the look.

Summer party centerpieces for a surf or beach theme celebration

1 800 Baskets | 1 800 | GiftTree | Teleflora

If you are hosting a surf theme baby shower, these darling Aloha Baby Diaper Cakes would make a great centerpiece!

Now Make It Move

These centerpieces are just too darn cute to stay still. Place them on this revolving base to add movement and pizzazz to your table.

Large Rotating Display Base Has Mirror Top And Will Hold Up To 44 Lbs.


Fun Surf Party Table Decor

Buri Fans    Natural Woven Buri Palm Fans    Natural Raffia Hand Fans Party Favors

Buri Fans | Buri Palm Fans | Raffia Hand Fans

Nothing evokes a tropical ocean breeze like these woven buri fans. These practical favors will keep your guests cool and comfortable and add a bit of tropical fun to your table decor.

Add even more playfulness to your table. Place bright colored straws in your water glasses. Top off with these great Happy Balls

Surfer Dude Antenna Ball Topper Surfer Gal Antenna Ball Topper      Surfer Rubber Ducks

Surfer Dude Antenna Ball Topper | Surfer Gal Antenna Ball Topper | Surfer Rubber Ducks

Surf Party Napkin Rings

These stringed shells fit perfectly around standard napkins and add a surfer vibe to the table. Once seated your guests can wear them for the duration of the party.

Puka Shell Necklaces    White Surfer Puka Shell Necklace

Puka Shell Necklaces | White Surfer Puka Shell Necklace

Surf Party Table Menus

These colorful notepads in assorted styles are inexpensive but perfect for menus. This is a causal theme, so use a bright colored Sharpie to handwrite each menu course on a separate page. You might consider adding a short thank you for attending, too.

Tropical Shirt Notebooks    FLIP FLOP NOTEPADS

Tropical Shirt Notebooks | Flip Flop Notepad

Surf Party Place Cards

Hanging Surfboard Place Cards

This place card concept will take a bit of work, nothing to difficult, but is worth the time! Display your place cards by hanging from nails on a weathered sheet of plywood. Hose down plywood and let dry in the sun. If necessary rub in dirt. Repeat a few times for the desired weathered look. Hammer in nails about 4 – 5 inches apart, leaving 6 -8 inches between rows. Staple surfboard party lights around the plywood to add color and fun.

Wooden Surfboard Keychain   Surfboard Key Chains      Surf Board Party Light Set         Flip flop party light set

Wooden Surfboard Keychains | Surfboard Keychain | Surf Board Party Light Set | Flip Flop Party String Lights | Nails

Hawaiian Shirt Place Cards

These surfboard shaped lollipops are make for great place cards, party favors, party decor or replace napkin rings when tucked into a folded napkin pocket. If using as place cards simply print your guests names on any sheet of paper, cut into thin strips, and wrap lollipop stick.

Frosted Surfboard Lollipops

Frosted Surfboard Lollipops 

Classic Surf Party Place Cards

Natural Seashell Place Card Holders   Seaside Sand and Shell Placecard Holder   starfish-plantable-seed-wedding-place-cards-set-of-12-4

Natural Seashell Place Card Holders | ‘Seaside’ Sand and Shell Place card Holder | Starfish Plantable Seed Wedding Place Cards

Surf Party Favors

Just in case you don’t already have enough party favors between the napkin rings, place cards, and table menus, Party IdeaPros has also put together a best of the best surf theme party favors. Order 1 for each couple and 1 for each single friend.

Sports Benders are the perfect keepsake for a water sports party plus they will add a playful, fun design element to your tables. Mix and match designs. Be sure to have them set-up at each place setting. Write the guest of honor’s name, the occasion, and date in Sharpie or with a gold metallic paint marker on each tin or better yet have them personalized by the company. Prices vary.

Hog Wild Hula Jane Bender Product Details Hog Wild Kayak Joe Bender Double Kayak Benders

Hog Wild Hula Jane Bender | Hog Wild Surfboard Extreme Bender Boarders | Hog Wild Kayak Joe Bender | Hog Wild Double Kayak Benders | Hog Wild Bikini Benders, Carmen

Classic Surf Party Favors

Coconut Candles    Personalized Beach Themed Cookies

Shell and Starfish Frosted Glass Coasters    Flip Flop Bottle Opener

Coconut Candles | Personalized Surf Themed Cookies | Shell and Starfish Glass Coasters | Flip Flop Bottle Opener

Flip Flop Nutter Butter Cookies    Starfish Bottle Opener

Starfish Wine Bottle Stoppers    Beach Themed Cookie Cutters

Flip Flop Nutter Butter Cookies | Starfish Bottle Opener | Starfish Wine Bottle Stoppers | Beach Themed Cookie Cutters

Personalized Seashells    Eco-friendly Natural Bamboo Coaster Favors

Personalized Seashells | Eco-friendly Natural Bamboo Coaster Favors

Surf Party Favor Boxes

Palm Tree Wedding Favor Box     Personalized Sunscreen with Carabiner    Personalized Seashell Acrylic Favor Boxe

Palm Tree Wedding Favor Box | Personalized Sunscreen with Carabiner |  Acrylic Seashell Favor Box

Surf Party Candles

Tea-lights and Tea-light Holders

Most venues supply tea-lights and holders but if yours does not, consider purchasing some. The play of light makes a difference. Place at least three on each table

Seaside Tealight Candles  Beach Sandcastle Votive Tealight Candle Holder

sand and shell tealight holder    Surfboard Triple Votive Candle Holder

Seashell Tea Light Candles | Surfs Up Surfboard Votive Candle Holder | Sand and Shell Tealight Holder | Beach Sandcastle Votive Tealight Candle Holder

Surf Party Decor

Consider adding additional decor /pizzazz to your buffet tables, gift tables, or cocktail areas:

             Luau Table Skirt - Real Raffia Grass   Luau Table Decoration

Summer Flower Table Decoration Package    Tiki Table Decoration Package

Luau Table Skirt | Luau Table Decoration Package | Table Skirt with Hibiscus Flowers | Summer Table | Tiki Table

            Multi-colored leis   Surf Board Party Light Set

Light Up Flower Lei | Light Up Flower Lei Garland | Multi Colored 42″ Flower Leis | More Hawaiian Leis | Surf Board Party Light Set |

ukelele coconut_ukelele           ukuleles

Woodstock Ukulele | Coconut Ukulele |  More Ukuleles 

For a children’s party, decorate a children’s IKEA SKYLTA Market Stand with these fun printable surf party decorations!

Surf Party Balloons

surfs up mylar balloon   Pink Hibiscus Flower Shaped Foil Balloon   Hawaiian Flower Foil Balloon

Surf’s Up Mylar Balloon | Hibiscus Mylar Balloon  | Hawaiian Flower Foil Balloon

Surf Party Props

Stumps Party has a great selection of tropical and luau theme party decor. It is definitely worth checking out if you want to transform your entire room!

Surf Shack Theme Party Kit   Luau Party Kit

Surf’s Up Theme Decorations  | Luau Party Kit

Surf Party Home and Garden Goodies

Surfboard Cutting Board     Beach Themed Wine Charms      Surfboard Cake Toppers

Surf Board Cutting Board | Beach Themed Wine Charms | Surfboard Cake Toppers..

Surf Party Paper Goods

Surfs Up Tableware   Beach Monkey Dinner Plates

Surf’s Up Tableware | Beach Monkey

      Summer Luau Party Supplies & Tableware

Summer & Luau Party Supplies & Tableware | More Luau Party Supplies | More Summer Tableware

Surf Party Fun

Surfer Dude Photo Prop      Island Bowling Set      Tiki Bubble Machine     

Surfer Dude Photo Prop | Island Bowling Set | Tiki Bubble Machine | Surf’s Up Blowouts

Surf Party Pinatas

Surfer Dude Pinata      Shark Pinata      Tropical Fish Piñata      Totem Tiki Pinata

Surf Dude Piñata | Shark Piñata | Tropical Fish Piñata | Tiki Pinata

Surf Party Printable Games

 Beach Games Gift Exchange   Famous Beach Movies Trivia Printable Games

Beach Games Gift Exchange | Famous Beach Movies Trivia Printable Games

Surfer Baby Shower Bingo Game    Surfing Monkey Printable Pin the Sunglasses on the Monkey Game

Surfer Baby Shower Bingo Game | Surfing Monkey Printable Pin the Sunglasses on the Monkey Game


Surf Music and Surf Movies

Surf Music

Surfs Up Summer Party Music      The Birth of Surf      Lost Legends of Surf Guitar 1: Big Noise From

Surf’s Up summer Party Music | The Birth of Surf | Lost Legends of Surf Guitar, Vol. 1 | More Surf Music

Surf Movies

Classic Surf FilmsSurf's Up (Widescreen Special Edition)Walking On WaterBig Wednesday

Classic Surf Films | Surf’s Up DVD | Walking On Water | Big Wednesday | More Surf Films

Freshening Baskets/ Emergency Kits

Buy a fun tray to display sample sized essentials. Place in powder rooms.

Surfboard Cutting Board         Surfboards Trivets

Small Surf Board Cutting Board |  Surfboard Trivets

Surfing Gifts


Personalized Surfboard Beach Towels


Personalizable Surfboards Beach Towel

Surf Theme Headboard & Bedding

Courtesy of

Turn a boring kid’s room into a dream room by making your own cheap and chic no fuss surf theme headboard . The hardest part is narrowing down your options and choosing your tile style, design(s), and color(s).

Island Oasis - Tin Ceiling Tile      Palm Tree with Hibiscus Comforter  

2481 Tin Headboard Tile -ISLAND OASIS | Palm Tree and Hibiscus Flower Bedding

Delightful Dolphins - Tin Ceiling Tile    Sea Quilt Set

.2486 Tin Headboard Tile -DELIGHTFUL DOLPHINS|Colorful Sea Twin Quilt with Pillow Sham

Make the Night Last a Year

Photo Memory Book

Don’t let this memorable day fade away with the setting sun. The next day, when all is still fresh, log onto Shutterfly to create photo books, memory calendars, and even photo thank you notes or create a 5×7 photo card announcing the day, time, and location of your next celebration.

Photo Books | Calendars | Photo Gifts

Or do it the old fashion way — print your photos and store them in an easily accessible photo album.

 girl with surf board binder      surfing binder            baby photos surf theme binder

Anime Girl with Surf Board | Surfboard Binder | Baby Photos Surf Binder | Photo Pages for 3-Ring Binders

Party Hearty!

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