Classy and Flirty Holiday Party Attire

 Badgley Mischka Starry Evening Skirt and Crop Top, Classy and Flirty Holiday Party Attire   Badgley Mischka Windswept Skirt and Gold Dust Crop Top, Classy and Flirty Holiday Party Attire

Badgley Mischka Starry Evening Skirt and Crop Top | Badgley Mischka Windswept Skirt and Gold Dust Crop Top 

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Classy and Flirty Holiday Party Attire!

This holiday season we would love to wear classy and flirty holiday party attire but truthfully do not really want to spend the money on a dress, no matter how fabulous, that is really just a one or two time wear.  And no matter what the sales person tells you these crop top ensembles are not forever pieces – they are very, very today and although they fit our criteria of classy and flirty holiday party attire to the tee we would be unlikely to be willing to spend $795.00 or even $745.00 retail + taxes to own either of these dresses.  We would, on the other hand, be ok spending $110.00 or even $160.00 to wear a stunning on-trend Badgley Mischka ensemble and look absolutely gorgeous for a special Christmas party or New Year's Eve bash. That is why we are renting both from Rent the Runway!

Rent the Runway really does make it easy for you.  The first time we ordered a dress through Rent the Runway we discovered that it helps to put in your dates first – before you fall in love with any particular outfit – and then choose your favorite from there.  Our other suggestion – do not get too too hung up on the size. Carefully look at all the pictures and truthfully assess your body shape and size.  Just because you want to wear a size 4 does not mean you should!  Going up to a 6 may give you just the tad extra coverage that will create a classy and flirty holiday party attire look that will be getting second looks for all the right reasons!

It gets even better.… shop between 12/10-12/21, choose a rental start date between 12/26-12/31, and use code HAPPY2015 to save 20% on your order of $50 or more! Don't fret about ordering the wrong size either. With Rent The Runway you can even select an additional backup size to be shipped at no extra cost.

Party Pretty. Party Hearty!

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