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Gangnam_Style_Halloween_CostumesPsy's “Gangnam Style” is the first video to hit 1B YouTube views and continues to grow in popularity every day!  What better way to spend Halloween than riding an invisible horse in unison with the entire Gangnam Style entourage. The toughest decision you have is whether to be the awesomely hilarious elevator guy, yellow suited dance star, or Psy himself! We did our best to put together ensemble options but this unique style is selling out fast. We'll continue to update your wardrobe options as they become available and remember, the way to truly master the Gangnam Style is to perfect the horse riding dance while holding that serious look on your face!

Complete Psy Korean Pop Icon Costume  |  Satin Self Tie Bow Tie | Gangnam Shoes | Gangnam Style Black Fashion Sunglasses | Gangnam Style Tortoise Fashion Sunglasses  | Blue Gangnam Style Suit | Tuxedo Shirt | Gangnam Style Tuxedo Jacket | Psy Style Wig| More Psy Costume Ideas


We knew it was bound to happen but did not expect the Complete Psy Korean Pop Icon Costume to be out of stock quite so soon.  Here's our solution — skip the cheap costume version of a tuxedo and invest in the real thing, a tuxedo you can actually wear over and over again!  Shockingly it will cost you very little more – has a handful of good looking Men's Classic Black Tuxedoes marked down as much as 70%!  Add the Gangnam Shoes, and a  Psy Style Wig and you are set to go!

Have no idea what we are talking about?  Check out the original video!  Want a gangam style fashion refresher?  Check out the video!  Just want to laugh?  Definitely check out this video!


PSY in Pink Shorts and Orange Tie – Gangnam Style

PSY Orange Tie  Pink  Shorts Gangnam  Style  Halloween Costumes

Ralph Lauren Flat Front Hot Pink Shorts | Haggar Men's Classic Fit Pink Gabardine Casual Short Orange Fringe Scarf Orange Tie| White Shirt| Tortoise Sunglasses| White Slide Sandals

Gangnam Style Dancing Gals

Gangnam_Style_ Women_Costume_Ideas

Glam Sequin Silver Gangnam Style ShortsPink Gangnam Style Shorts | Sleeveless White Lace Gangnam Style Tunic |  Gangam Style Pink Tunic Top | Sleeveless Hand Embroidered Tunic | White Chiffon Tank Top Sleeveless White Blouse | Retro Round-neck Chiffon Solid Lace Loose Fitting Long Tops | Drop Waist Coral Rayon Tunic

Update:  These white shirts and sequence shorts are flying off the shelves  — we recommend ordering early and will continue to add similar products (not featured in the image) to the end of  our list.


An entire page devoted to re-creating female versions of the outfits worn by Psy's entourage!

Psy Gangnam Style Halloween Costumes for Gals

Elevator Guy & Yellow Suited Dancing Guy


Gangam_Style_Elevator_ Guy_StyleYellow Gangnam Style Dancing Guy Costume

 Elevator Guy ShortsElevator Guy Sandals | Elevator Guy Shorts | Elevator Guy Shirt | Elevator Guy Cowboy Hat | Yellow Suit Costume | Men's Yellow Tuxedo

 Gangam Style Fashion Accessories!


Yellow Gangnam Style Phone CaseRed Gangnam Style Phone Case | Green Gangnam Style Phone Case | Teal Gangnam Style Phone Case | Gangnam Style Accessories!

More Gangnam Style Clothes and Accessories

For more costume ideas check out

Happy Halloween and Party Hearty!

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