Just Trumpets Music Party

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 Just Trumpets Music Party

Whether you like playing music or listening to it, a trumpet theme music party hits all the right notes.

A trumpet party is a fun way to herald in any celebration including a birthday, graduation,  retirement, bar or bat mitzvah,  anniversary or even welcoming a baby

This celebration package was inspired by and created especially for Scott following his inquiry about a music party devoted to trumpets!  For more general music party theme ideas, planning tips and supplies be sure to check out our Melodies of Life party package.

Trumpet Invitations & Stamps 

Choosing your invitation is the equivalent of the title of a paper … it sets the tone for the entire party.

Trumpets Rock! Custom Invitations       Graduation Music Trumpet Invite       Trumpet & Piano Musical Invitation       Trumpet Full Color Custom Invitations

Trumpets Rock! Custom Invitations | Graduation Music Trumpet Invite | Trumpet & Piano Musical Mitzvah Invitation | Trumpet Full Color Custom Invitations

trumpet : purple fade custom invitations       Trumpet Close-Up 3 Personalized Invitation       Save the Date with Trumpets and Roses Announcements       Trumpet Duck Personalized Announcements

trumpet : purple fade custom invitations | Trumpet Close-Up 3 Personalized Invitation | Save the Date with Trumpets and Roses Announcements | Trumpet Duck Personalized Announcements

Don't forget the stamp!

Wheel of Trumpets Postage Stamp   Funny Trumpet Joke Postage Stamp    Fox Playing the Trumpet Postage Stamps        Trumpgold Postage Stamps

Wheel of Trumpets Postage Stamp | Funny Trumpet Joke Postage Stamp | Fox Playing the Trumpet Postage Stamps | Paint Splat Trumpet Postage Stamp | Trumpgold Postage Stamps

Trumpet Centerpiece Ideas

These trumpet table decor pieces are lovely on their own and would look even better in the center of a floral arrangement.  Another option is to glue or tie on a small anywhere vase to the piece just to add a bit of the unexpected.

Metal Trumpet Table Decor 11"H, 7"W            Danya B. Jazz Trumpet - Elongated Trumpet Player in Cast Bronze      Trumpet Player in Cast Bronze      Beautiful Trumpet Candle Holder

Metal Trumpet Table Decor 11″H, 7″W | Metal Trumpet Musical Table Decor Sculpture Accent | Danya B. Jazz Trumpet | Elongated Trumpet Player in Cast Bronze | Trumpet Player in Cast Bronze | Beautiful Trumpet Candle Holder

Trumpet Sculpture Centerpiece Ideas

Trumpet Sculptures >> Trumpet Player Sculpture | Trumpet Player FigurineTrumpet Wirecraft Figurine Metal Trumpet Figurine

 Small Trumpet         Poly Trumpet Trumpet Vertical Solid Blue Musician Graphic Photo Cut Out             5" Gold Trumpet w/Case Miniature Instrument

Small Trumpet  | Large Trumpet  | Poly Trumpet | Trumpet Vertical Solid Blue Musician Graphic Photo Cut Out | Acrylic Photo Sculptures work well when integrated into flower centerpieces! | 5″ Gold Trumpet w/Case Miniature Instrument

Plastic Trumpet      Classic Toy Trumpet            Trumpet Kazoo

Plastic Trumpet | Classic Trumpet | Trumpet Kazoo

Use real trumpets as centerpieces – sound quality only matters if you plan to donate the trumpets to a school music program after your event! (Hint, hint!)

eBay Trumpet      Trumpet with Case

Pick up inexpensive trumpet on eBay | Trumpet with Case

Last we checked this trumpet was reduced from $399 to just $99 on Amazon

Just a few higher quality trumpets while we are at it …

Elite Series Pocket Trumpet      University Series Trumpet      Signature Series Trumpet      Elite Series Trumpet

Elite Series Pocket Trumpet | University Series Trumpet | Signature Series Trumpet | Elite Series Trumpet | Performance Series Trumpet in Brass

Another option is to add a floral arrangement (think trumpet daffodils!) to a trumpet theme mug, candy jar, or pitcher.  not so into DIY? If you bring your custom mug to your local florist, they should have no problem adding the flowers

Flowers + Mugs      Three Trumpets Mug       Peace Love Trumpet Candy Dish      Trumpet Rainbow Band Drink Pitchers

Three Trumpets Mug | Trumpet Mug | Peace Love Trumpet Candy Dish | Trumpet Rainbow Band Drink Pitchers

Trumpet Theme Placemats and Napkins

Music - Trumpet - Police marching band Place Mat       Trumpet Chick Place Mat     Trumpet Player Blues Orange Red shirt napkin     Don't Worry A Trumpeter Is Here Cloth Napkin

Music – Trumpet – Police marching band Place Mat | Trumpet Chick | Trumpet Player Blues Orange Red shirt | Don't Worry A Trumpeter Is Here Cloth Napkin

Trumpet Theme Place Cards

It is easy to personalize these business cards to create a custom trumpet theme place card.  Depending on the color card you choose, you may need to use a paint pen to write your guests' names and table numbers on the card

Trumpet rings place card / business card       Trumpet Valves Place Card / Business Card Template       Graphic Trumpet Place Card / Business Card       Mod trumpet place card / business card templates

Trumpet rings place card | Trumpet Valves Place Card | Graphic Trumpet Place Card | Mod trumpet place card

Trumpet Theme Party Favors

Couple Love Keychain Key Ring Pair of Instruments: Saxphone & Trumpet      Trumpet Clip-On Charm      Miniature Brass High Trumpet Christmas Ornament 2.5"

Couple Love Keychain Key Ring Pair of Instruments: Saxphone & Trumpet | Trumpet Clip-On Charm | Miniature Brass High Trumpet Christmas Ornament 2.5″

Trumpet Party & Home Decor

Trumpet - Peel and Stick Wall Decal by Wallmonkeys            Herald Trumpet Cutout Pkg/2      Trumpet Square Banner 54"x81" Horizontal Vinyl Banner Each

Jazz Trumpet Player       Mardi Gras Music Kit 

Jazz Trumpet Player | Mardi Gras Music Kit

Trumpet Jewelry & Gifts

      14K Trumpet Pendant 14K Trumpet Player Char PendantTrumpet Cufflinks

14K Trumpet Pendant | 14K Trumpet Player Char Pendant | Trumpet Cufflinks

Trumpet Stick Pin in Gold      Trumpet Stick Pin in Silver      Trumpet Stick Pin in Silver with Clear Crystals

Trumpet Stick Pin in Gold  |  Trumpet Stick Pin in Silver | Trumpet Stick Pin in Silver with Clear Crystals

      Praise Him With The Sound Of The Trumpet Figurine - FIGURINES      Appletree Trumpet Salt and Pepper      Trumpets Multi Keepsake Box

Praise Him With The Sound Of The Trumpet Figurine – FIGURINES | Appletree Trumpet Salt and Pepper | Trumpets Multi Keepsake Box

Make the Night Last a Lifetime

Photo Memory Book

Don’t let this memorable day fade away with the setting sun. The next day, when all is still fresh, log onto Shutterfly to create photo books, memory calendars, and even photo thank you notes or create a 5×7 photo card announcing the day, time, and location of your next celebration.

Photo Books | Calendars | Photo Gifts

Or do it the old fashion way — print your photos and store them in an easily accessible Trumpets 3 Ring Binders

Party Hearty!

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