Retro Paper Straws

...Retro Paper Straws

Retro Paper straws are all the rage.  They not only add a fun vibe to your table decor, they add color and a dash of whimsy.  As you can see we have featured them individually displayed in mason jars in our patriotic theme parties.  Sometimes we even add an antenna ball on top.  For my own son's Bar Mitzvah we topped MLB antenna balls on coordinating straws and used them as place cards at the entrance to party.  Just yesterday, my sister threw a handful of striped paper straws in a paper cup – just the right touch for her Labor Day barbecue.

Both Swoozies and Amazon has a nice collection of retro paper straws.  Consider using the pink and blue polka dot straws for your next baby shower.  We love the mini bat straws and orange and black stripe straws for Halloween parties.  The red and green stripe straws are a must have for your cookie baking holiday parties.  The yellow stars straws would be an adorable adder to a Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Party.  And we believe the yellow & grey stripe straws are elegant enough to use at a chic, vintage chalkboard chic wedding reception. Another idea — choose your sorority colors for your next house party.

One more idea for children's birthday parties … choose a variety of straws and cut them into 1 – 2 inch strips. Now string them together to create cute paper necklaces.  The leftovers can be used for  every day, at lunch and dinnertime.

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Ask Your Date to Prom

.I was just on the Jones Soda site and had an aha moment …

Ask your date to prom with a case of personalized, customized soda.

The only hitch is you need to plan well in advance!

As most high school students know, asking your date to prom, homecoming, or other school social is not a simple feat.  A phone call no longer suffice – creativity is expected.  Students are finding more and more creative ways to ask their dates to prom each year.  One year, my son was sent on a scavenger hunt.  My other son was playing a game of co-ed tag football and the question was popped in writing on the football itself.  He still has that ball.  We have seen the invitation delivered with balloons, flowers, and spelled out in the sand.  We even have a local statue which occasionally is seen holding a large “will  you go with me to prom” sign.

As we hear about fun and interesting ways to ask a special someone out on a date, we will continue to update this page.  In the meantime, if you are on the committee planning prom or homecoming be sure to check out our  Prom Themes, Planning Ideas and Supplies party package.

New Idea!

 Ask your date to prom with CanvasPop

Ask your date to prom with CanvasPop!..

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Smiley Cookies Really Do Brighten The Day!

Smiley Cookies

Reviewed by Samantha (PIP summer intern)

My name is Samantha and I am a cookie fanatic. If I have a choice of any treat, I will always choose a cookie.  Imagine my delight when a box arrived on my desk at work filled with cookies.   These great treats arrived packaged in a colorfully designed box that immediately put a smile on my face. A dozen sugar cookies covered in white icing with six different colored smiley faces  came packed in a sealed plastic container that actually kept the cookies fresh for weeks. In addition to the cookies the box included directions on how to best eat the cookies.  The directions recommended heating them in the microwave for 10 seconds.  After taking my first bite, I decided an extra 10 seconds would take the cookies from good to outstanding.  In fact, my boss, initially a bit iffy about the cookies, really liked them once they were warmed up.  I can honestly say Smiley Cookies are now my new favorite cookies.    I would absolutely recommend them to all my friends.

These fun, scrumptious treats are available in a variety of different colors and shapes. Chose from stars, flowers, hearts, and more to make a basketful of yummy delights. You can also create your own cookie and choose the shape and color of the icing and smiley face. Smiley Cookies are long lasting and extremely versatile; they make excellent birthday presents, “get well soon” goodies, thank you gifts, and are overall great for any party or holiday. They would also be a fantastic take-home party favor treat for guests – just put them out near the door on a large smile face plate and let your guests grab them as they leave the party.  Priced starting at just $12.99 / dozen these cookies are both reasonable and delicious.  Make it a yummy day!

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RadRingz Princess PackRadRingz Hipster PackRadRingz Rock Pack


The makers of Silly Bandz recently introduced a new line of products called RadRingz™.    RadRingz™ come in styles very similar to Sillybandz with each ring pack  featuring 1 Ring, 2 Words and 1 Icon all for $6.95 and insert packs featuring 3 slides for just $3.95.  Initially Silly Brandz is releasing 3 stock styles with many more to come in the following weeks.  The company press release claim the product is amazing stating that “when showcasing the Rad Ringz for the test groups we have actually had girls scream.” The product is highly stylized and in true Sillybrandz fashion Rad Ringz offers the opportunity for the wearer to Collect Em, Trade Em, Wear Em adding to the allure of the product and the opportunity for creating yet another craze by Sillybrandz Global.  Sillybrandz is thrilled with the product and very excited to send it to a few of its partners sure that RadRingz™ would receive raving reviews.

Rather than pre-disposing you one way or another — check them out for yourself and let us know what you think!

Update!  Since we did not receive any positive feedback from our visitors, we simply cannot hold our tongues any longer — our gut reaction to RadRingz was that they were just plain ugly (and wouldn't even work as napkin rings)  so we decided to test them at a children's party.  The kids too thought they were atrocious — they couldn't find one positive thing to say about them.  So, we have gone ahead and removed our links to this product because the bottom line is –if you don't like it and we  don't like it, we won't promote it!

RadRingz Princess PackRadRingz Hipster PackRadRingz Rock Pack

RadRingz™ Princess Pack is a hot pink two-finger ring base with three interchangeable Princess themed inserts: a jeweled tiara and two messages: Beautiful and Princess. Ring sizes from 4/5 to 9/10 means RadRingz™ Princess Pack will be the perfect fit for your spring style!   Just $6.95


The RadRingz™ Hipster Ring Pack is inspired by the independent style of today's young artists. Each ring pack contains a white two-finger ring and three ring styles: Stereo, a pair of sunglasses and the word hipster. The RadRingz™ Hipster Ring Pack is certain to keep your look trendy and cutting edge.   Just $6.95


Each RadRingz™ Rock Pack contains a black two-finger ring base with three interchangeable Rock ‘n' Roll themed ring styles: Rockstar, Famous and a skull with wings. A wide variety of available ring sizes mean RadRingz™ Rock Pack will be a perfect fit for the young rock star in your life.  Just $6.95


RadRingz Princess InsertsRadRingz Hipster InsertRadRingz Rock Insert


Show the world your glamorous style with RadRingz™ Princess Inserts. Each pack contains three slides: a jeweled tiara and two messages: Beautiful and Princess. RadRingz™ Princess Pack will be the perfect fit for your spring style! Just $3.95

Each RadRingz™ Hipster Insert Pack contains three interchangeable styles: a stereo, a pair of sunglasses and the word hipster. These RadRingz™ inserts offer a variety of options that are certain to keep your look trendy and cutting edge.  Just $3.95

Display your rocker personality with RadRingz™ Rock Inserts. These Rock ‘n' Roll themed inserts include: Rockstar, Famous and a skull with wings. RadRingz™ Rock Pack will is the perfect fit for the young rock star in your life.  Just $3.95

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