Snowman Theme Girl’s 1st Birthday Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

Today we received an email seeking ideas for a snowman theme girl’s 1st birthday party.  We loved the idea and once we started searching, we had trouble reigning ourselves in.  Although we gained inspiration from some of our other  Winter Wonderland  party packages, this party needed to be different – we wanted it to be pink!

We always like to start with the invitations because to us invitations are like the title of a paper – they set the tone for the entire party. We particularly like the wording of the light blue and pink card inviting guests to join them for Winter Onederland Fun!  How adorable is that for a January winter birthday party!

Next we searched for paper party goods.  We could not find anything particularly girly so we decided this might be the perfect occasion to create your own party kit. All you need to do is peel and stick an adorable pink snowman label / sticker onto a solid pink paper plate and cup. Best of all most of the stickers can be personalized to wish a happy day to the birthday girl!

Finally, we put together one more idea board  filled with miscellaneous goodies.  Yes, the cupcake wrappers and toppers pictured look very Christmasy but they are also available in both pink and hot pink. Simply choose the classic winter snowman design.  So cute.  And before we forget, since creating the board we have found a Printable Pin The Carrot On The Snowman Game that you can easily print on pink paper to make it look more girly. Since the children are just one years old,  don’t even bother blind folding them. Gently spin them around once and let them try to put the carrot somewhere near the snowman’s nose.

Let us know what designs are your favorites.

Party Hearty! 

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