Matching Family Pajama Holiday Photo Cards

Mommy and Me Matching Holiday Pajamas Holiday Photo Cards

Matching Family Pajamas Holiday Photo Cards >>  Minted Christmas Photo Cards | Mommy & Me Matching Penguin Pajamas

Matching Family Pajamas Holiday Photo Cards

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Finally, holiday season is in full swing and holiday  pajamas are flying off the shelves. Organized moms across the country have been thinking about and planning this year's holiday photo cards for months. And yes, many are buying matching family pajamas to wear in their Christmas card photos! How cute is that! And for the rest us unorganized moms, it is not too late to  order both pajamas and holiday cards and get them mailed by Christmas!

We recently discovered Minted and Tiny Prints have created easy holiday photo card features that make creating and ordering your holiday cards as efficient as possible! They both offer a Quick Card Editor to whiz through the process in under 10 minutes! Choose from thousands of professionally designed holiday photo cards themes then personalize it to your heart's content. Alternatively, start from scratch and choose from beautifully rounded trim edges, countless background designs, and matching address labels for the DIY custom holiday photo cards you have been imagining.

Choosing Your Holiday Card Photo & Holiday Card Design

There are two ways to approach the holiday card design dilemma. If you are really picky and set on a certain Christmas card, make sure you choose a photo that will work on that card. If it is a horizontal card, have your photographer take horizontal pics. It is not rocket science but inevitably, every year, we end up liking a photo that does not work in the card we choose so we end up buying a card that we might like less but works with that year’s pic. And that brings us to the second approach we discussed earlier. We love love love Tiny Prints Show With My Photo Feature and Mixbook's Quick card Eitor. We truly believe that these are the greatest holiday card tech advancements since we began ordering ordering cards online.

Matching Family Pajama Holiday Cards

Since we are clearly obsessed with matching family pajamas, we have decided this year's holiday card must feature our family wearing holiday jammies. We think this is going to become an annual theme so our cards, for at least the foreseeable future, will feature the family in different PJs every year. So for us, the very first step is to order our Holiday Pajamas! And truthfully, we have not yet done so mostly because we cannot decide which ones to order.  Here are a few of our top contenders placed in holiday cards. As you can quickly see, by using Tiny Prints Show My Photo Feature, your options will be whittled down immediately.

Merry Mutts Matching Holiday Pajamas in Tiny Prints Holiday Photo Cards

Merry Mutts Matching Holiday Pajamas in Tiny Prints Holiday Photo Cards >> Clearly, the only cards that work for this photo are the two on the right side. We like the bottom one the best.

Dear Deer Matching Family Pajamas Shown in Tiny Prints Premium Glitter Holiday Cards

Dear Deer Matching Family Pajamas (or the cheap Amazon knock-off) Shown in Tiny Prints Premium Glitter Holiday Cards >> Again, we have easily narrowed our choices to the top Peace & Love card and the middle Rejoice card. Although the bottom right card works with the photo, it is just too busy with the pajama pattern!

Family Matching Moose Pajamas in Tiny Prints Holiday Cards

Family Matching Moose Pajamas shown in Tiny Prints Holiday Cards >> Here we think both cards on the right could work although we would probably settle on the gold foil polka dot card.

Matching Family Holiday Pajamas in Tiny Prints Christmas and Hanukkah Cards.

Matching Family Holiday Pajamas in Tiny Prints Christmas and Hanukkah Cards. This time we decided to feature only options that work ?

Minted Holiday Photo Cards

 Mommy and Me Match in Carousel Pajamas on Bold Merry Christmas Holiday Photo Cards     Peace Love Joy Holiday Photo Cards with Matching Moose Pajamas

Christmas Photo Cards | Carousel Pajamas  | Moose Pajamas >> Save 18% with our exclusive code 18OFFPM

We can't resist, just one more 🙂

Check out just about every set of  holiday matching family pajamas on MomMeMatch. They even have light weight holiday pajamas for those of you who live in warm weather climates or planning an island vacation or holiday cruise!

Party Hearty!

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