Mardi Gras Party Food and Drink

Mardi Gras Theme Food and Drink

Fun Food and Drink Ideas for your Mardi Gras Celebration

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Mardi Gras Party Food and Drink

Mark your calendars for Tuesday February 28, 2017

Happy Mardi Gras!!

You can't throw a Mardi Gras bash without food and especially a cocktail or two.  We have all the party drinks and snacks you will need to make your guests feel like they are celebrating Fat Tuesday the real New Orleans way.  To throw an authentic Mardi Gras party you have to include the traditional King's Cake with the plastic baby doll surprise inside, whoever ends up with the baby has to throw next year's party.   How cute would it be to bake individual cupcakes with decorative picks or plastic babies on top as a new spin on King's Cakes!

The food and drinks don't have to stop when the party is over.  Send your guests home with personalized candy bar wrappers, or to go hurricane glasses filled with beads, coins and candies.  How cute would it be to use colorful Mardi Gras Lollipops as a decoration for a dessert bar or as edible name place cards for your guest.  The possibilities for Mardi Gras food and drinks really are endless –  just be festive and have fun!

Mardi Gras Food & Drink Recipes

Mardi Gras Food & Drink Recipes

Since we all know a great Mardi Gras party is centered around the food and cocktails here are some great Mardi Gras Food & Drink Recipes to spice up your celebration including recipes for jambalaya, gumbo, cajun burgers, fried okra, remoulade sauces, bourbon chocolate cake, and candied pecans.  Want a full proof way to prepare the perfect hurricane?  Pick up a package of  Pat O'Brien's Hurricane Cocktail Mix.

Let Party Idea {Pros} inspire you to throw the most festive Mardi Gras Party outside of New Orleans!

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