Mardi Gras Party Invitations

Mardi Gras Invitation Collage

Set the festive tone for your Fat Tuesday party with the perfect Mardi Gras themed invitations.

1. Impossible Mardi Gras Stack Invitation| 2. Mardi Gras “Party” Invitation| 3. Mardi Gras “Madness” Vertical Invitation| 4. Fleur De Dots Invitation| 5. Mardi Gras “Night” Vertical Invitation| 6. Mardi Gras Concert Ticket Invitation| 7. Mardi Gras Party Invitation| 8. Masquerade Stamp| 9. Mardi Gras Mask Stamp| 10. Mardi Gras Stamp|

Mardi Gras Party Invitations

Mark your calendars for Tuesday March 5, 2019

Just 313 days 13 hours 26 minutes 49 seconds until Mardi Gras 2019!

As we've said before, the invitation is the first impression your guests have of your party, so why not make it a good one! We have so many great Mardi Gras themed invitations for you to shop from whether your party is a glamorous masquerade ball or as casual as the parties on Bourbon street. Remember your invitations will set the tone for the entire evening. A fabulous invitation will not only inform your guests of the time, place, and attire, it will build anticipation at each glance. Invitations can be as unique as your party so have fun and get creative with it.  Some people love the idea of the Mardi Gras Ticket Invitation making your guests feel like they have a ticket to the year's most exclusive Mardi Gras event but our favorite invitations tell a visual story either with masks or the traditional Mardi Gras harlequin design.

As always, for just a few dollars more you can complete your look with a themed stamp that really lets your guests know how much thought and effort you have put towards your event.  Whatever you do, please do not mix and match stamps – no matter how many times we see people mixing stamps it still makes us cringe!

Let Party Idea {Pros} inspire you to throw the most festive Mardi Gras Party outside of New Orleans!

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Party Hearty! 

Heart Themed Party Invitations and Stamps

Heart Themed Party Invitations and Stamps

1. Red Love Stamp| 2. Bright Hearts and Scrolls Stamp| 3. Pink Champagne: Posies Invitation| 4. Sweetheart Soiree Invitation| 5. Wild Strawberry Invitation| 6. Floral Heart Stamp| 7. Divine Dollies Invitation| 8. Red Lantern Invitation|

There are as many adorable heart invitations as there are reasons to throw a heart themed party!   Whether you are planning a special charity luncheon, a bridal shower, or an intimate dinner party, you will have no problem finding a perfect invitation.  Set the tone for your unique party with an invitation that lets your guests know just how much time and thought you have put into your event.  One way to really show your attention to detail without breaking the bank is with a matching themed stamp.  Remember the invitation is your guest's first impression of the party, make it a good one!  

Party Hearty!

Shoe Theme Party Invitations & Stamps

Shoe Theme Party Invitations & Stamps

1. Shoe with Flower Pull Out Party Invitations |  2. Houndstooth Shoe Pull Out Party Invitations  | 3.  Trendy Pumps Invitation   | 4. High Heals Foundation Stamp  | 5. Cranberry Shoes Bridal Shower Invitation (available in many colors)   | 6. Pink and Black Stripe Shoe Stamp  | 7.  Fun High Heel Girl’s Night Our Bachelorette Party Invitation  | 8.  Ladies Night Heels Stamp  | 9.  Shoes Party Invitation | 10. Letter Stiletto Invitation  | 11.  Glass Slippers Invitation | 12. Icon Postage Stamp  | 13. Stylish Stilettos Party Invitation (matching return address labels available)   | 14.  Poky Dot High Heel Note Cards  | More Shoe Invitations

There are so many fabulous shoe theme invitations from which to choose!  Whether you are planning a special ladies luncheon, a bridal shower, or a wild bachelorette party, you will have no problem finding a perfect invitation.  Remember  choosing your invitation is the equivalent of the title of a paper … it sets the tone for the entire party! And don't forget the stamp!  If you decide not to customize, please do not mix stamps. It is better to add too much postage than a hodgepodge of mismatched stamps. You have spent so much time and money on every other detail, the difference in price is not worth giving a sloppy first impression.

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Party Hearty!

Chalkboard Chic Holiday Cards and Inspiration

We told you we were obsessed!  We love Minted’s new inspiration board builder and are going crazy creating boards.  Our latest board features three of Minted's chalkboard theme holiday cards and coordinating postage, adorable chalkboard chic labeled  mason jars and retro paper straws for Santa's treat,  and chalkboard frosted-glass tea light holdersto use  as party favors, place cards, and to add sparkle to your holiday table. More Chalkboard Chic Party Ideas

If you too enjoy creating boards like this we would love to partner with you by offering to host your Minted  Inspiration Board Challenge entry right here on

So here’s how Minted's contest works:

1. make

Find your favorite Minted holiday card or Christmas card.

Click the green plus sign  to start your Inspiration Board. Now double click the image you just added to edit your board.  To upload more images and style your Board there is an easy to use interface running just above the board itself..

2. share

Embed your Inspiration Board on your own website or blog (Pinterest or Facebook do not qualify) by clicking to retrieve your code or we will be happy to host your inspiration board as a guest blogger on if you send us the code.

3. win

To enter the contest, submit the link to your website or blog where you embedded your Inspiration Board.  If we host your board, we will email you the link so you can submit it to enter the contest.

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