How to Make a Fabulous Family Reunion Lip Dub Video

Family Reunion Lip Dub Video :: Musafia Family Reunion 2015 >> Videographers Aaron Smargon & Rachel Finci | Director Ali Viterbi

Family Reunion Lip Dub Video Guide

by Ali

It’s that time of year again! Memorial Day is just around the corner and families all over the world are planning their annual gatherings. In our fast-paced world of iPhones and google calendars, it is hard to prioritize family time. So want to make the most of this year’s reunion and create memories that will last a lifetime? Make a family lip dub video, and bring your memories to life! A family reunion lip dub video is a perfect way to preserve the whacky, silly, heartfelt, and special moments you will create together for years to come. And it is easy and fun! Just follow these seven simple steps: Continue Reading →

HOW2 Design Your Own Party Hats

HOW2 Design Your Own Party Hats

Last week we featured a post on HOW2 create custom paper cups on Zazzle. Well this week we are showing you HOW2 create your own paper hats on Zazzle. As you know, the the whole artisan decor look popularized on sites like Etsy, is not only trending, it is exploding and spreading to what might be considered more main stream retailers. So even if no one ever dons a party hat at your next shindig or celebration, simply having a paper hat sitting at each place setting will enhance the whole look! Plus, you can also use the hats to as photo props to create some adorable memories. Or turn them upside down and fill with popcorn or french fries or just about any other yummy snack food your can imagine.

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Tips for Creating Custom Paper Cups

Custom Paper Cups

Custom Paper Cups

Tips for Creating Custom Paper Cups

Nothing pulls a party together like a festive, meaningful theme! In addition to Zazzle's great paper plates and paper napkins, they now offer custom paper cups. As you know, we almost always feature themed paper goods that coordinate with all of our theme parties but even we must admit, occasionally, there really is nothing quite right out there, especially when it comes to paper cups. One option is to throw a themed sticker on the cup but that can look a bit rinky dink if nothing else in your party has that homemade feel to it. Now you can create your own customized paper cups using this handy HOW2 video showing tips for creating great-looking designs on Zazzle's fun new “add your own image here” paper cups. Our featured image, is meant for design inspiration. With so many options our advice is to avoid overly obsessing. Just choose one design and go for it! We really like the fact that you can use a background design alone or in conjunction with additional text and images.

Learn how to design Zazzle's new custom paper cups. You will be ready to party in no time!

Party Hearty!

HOW2 Fold Your Valentines Day Napkins Into Heart Shapes

HOW2 Fold Your Valentines Day Napkins Into A Heart

Show your main squeeze just how much you love them with a sweet Valentines Day napkins fold. ? Watch this easy DIY video we found on One Kings Lane Instagram

HOW2 Fold Your Valentines Day Napkins Into A Heart  

Here is a last minute DIY Valentine's Day idea that anyone can do and everyone will adore. Thank you One Kings Lane for this tutorial we found on your Instagram feed on how to fold your Valentines Day napkins into a heart! We love your tips and love your products, even more. Continue Reading →