Best Hanukkah Party Invitations

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Best Hanukkah Party Invitations

I really can't believe it, today we received our first Hanukkah party invitation of the season and it is only mid October.  Here's the kicker – we are already booked!   The fact is that this year (2013) Hanukkah coincides with Thanksgiving and if you are even thinking about having a party, you really need to send out the invitations ASAP!  Hanna is going to be so disappointed since we have attended her party every year for the last 2 decades but have 30 out of town guests expecting to be entertained that weekend. We highly recommend asking around to see if maybe this year you are better off hosting your Hanukkah holiday party on Sunday early evening rather than Saturday night.  My gut is that you will have significantly fewer conflicts.

Update >> Chanukah 2014

This year Hanukkah begins on Tuesday, December 16 and ends the evening of Wednesday, December 24. This means that we only have one weekend this year to host our Hanukkah parties this year so be sure to get your invitations out early before someone else books the Saturday night or Sunday.

The featured invitations are still among our favorites but there a few new Chanukah party invitations this year we want to add to our list of Best Hanukkah Party Invitations

 Oh Dreidel Hanukkah Party Invitations    Chanukah Shine Party Invitation

Oh Dreidel Hanukkah Party InvitationsChanukah Shine Party Invitation

OH HANUKKAH Party Invitation    FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS Hanukkah Party Invitation    HANUKKAH DINING Party Invitation

Oh Chanukah Party Invitation | Festival of Lights | Chanukah Dinning

Hanukkah Party Invitations   Hanukkah Menorah Party Invitations

Hanukkah Party InvitationsHanukkah Menorah Party Invitations | More Hanukkah Party Invitations

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