Apples and Honey Host{ess} Gifts for the Jewish New Year

Apples and Honey Gifts for the Jewish High Holidays

Wishing all a Good and Sweet New Year! >> Apples and Honey Gifts

Apples and Honey Host{ess} Gifts for the Jewish New Year

For the last 25 years we have been tasked with finding a gift for our Rosh Hashana dinner hosts. And every year we end up running out at the last minute to buy an ok gift but nothing particularly thoughtful or special. This year we have vowed to order a gift from GiftTree, tonight, so it will arrive by Erev Rosh Hashana (Wednesday September 20th, 2017). These three very special gifts work equally well as host{less} gifts for Yom Kippur Break the Fast as they do for Rosh Hashana dinner. And although GiftTree has a huge selection of gifts from which to choose, we decided to narrow our choice to apples and honey gifts.

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Chocolate Dipped Apple Gifts

We love serving chocolate dipped apples for dessert on the high holidays and have the hardest time finding fresh delicious apples dipped and drizzled in premium Belgian white, dark and milk chocolate. Finally, issue solved.

Honey Gifts

GiftTree offers two honey gifts. The first is both practical and delicious. It includes two jars of raw Oregon honey presented with a smooth and supple olive wood honey dipper. The gift is then arranged lovingly in GiftTree's signature gift box.

And our third find truly is a WOW gift. This Limited Edition Gold Reserve Sourwood Honey, cultivated in Savannah Georgia, arrives presentation-ready in gift packaging and hand-numbered with a certificate of authenticity. The shape of this bottle and its elegant packaging grabbed us immediately. And we happen to know our host will not only be fascinated with the story behind this rare, award-winning honey, but will love its big and complex flavors filled with hints of maple and spice.

Wishing you and yours a good and sweet new year! L'Shana Tova!

Party Hearty!

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