Celebrate the 4th of July | Patriotic Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

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July Fourth & Patriotic Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

Patriotic Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

The 4th of July is great day to celebrate with family and friends!

Show your American Pride — Fly the Flag and Bring out the Red, White and Blue!

New!  Show your Patriotism Every Day

Patriotic Invitations

Choosing your invitation is the equivalent of the title of a paper … it sets the tone for the entire party, even a casual party! There are so many great 4th of July invitations to choose from … just click the pictures for more details.
July 4th Invitations

Patriotic Stamps

Personalize your stamps by using one of the great zazzle patriotic stamps. Please be sure to bring a complete invitation, including all inserts, to a local post office to determine exactly how much postage is required. If you decide not to customize, please do not mix stamps. It is better to add too much postage than a hodgepodge of mismatched stamps. You have spent so much time and money on every other detail, the difference in price is not worth giving a sloppy first impression.

Party Card stampUS Flag And Eagle stampstars stampThis Land Is Your Land Military Wedding Invitation stamp

Party Card | US Flag And Eagle | Stars | This Land Is Your Land Military Wedding Invitation

Patriotic Flower Arrangements and Centerpieces

Whether you are hosting a get together or attending one, celebrate the spirit of freedom with a bouquet of red, white and blue!

This is so frustrating — we must apologize – we cannot keep up with the constantly changing floral links so rather than continue to send you to places that no longer exist, we have decided to just post pictures for inspiration and recommend you check out the current selection at our “go to” florists!

Patriotic Mylar Centerpieces

For an affordable yet festive centerpiece, combine mylar centerpieces with balloons, stuffed animals, or fresh picked garden flowers.

Patriotic Star Print Cascade Centerpiece

Patriotic Star Print Cascade Centerpiece | Patriotic Centerpiece Spray | Patriotic Star Cascade Centerpiece | Patriotic Star Gleam ‘N Burst Centerpiece | Patriotic Red Star Centerpiece | Patriotic Star Shaped Centerpiece | Patriotic American Flag Centerpiece


 Red Star Balloon Blue Star Balloon

 Red Prismatic Star Foil Balloon | Blue Star Foil Balloon

 Red Balloons  True Blue Matte Balloons  Bright White Latex Balloons

Red Balloons | Blue Balloons | White Balloons

Patriotic Balloons

American Flag Mylar Balloon | Red Polka Dot Balloon | Blue With White Polka Dot Latex Balloons | Polka Dot Latex Balloons Red | More Patriotic Balloons

Prefer simplicity? Line three custom labeled Jones Soda bottles down the center of your table. Add just a few red, white and blue flowers in each.

Red White Blue Jones Soda

Jones Soda

Patriotic Place Cards

Patriotic Place Card with Flag    Signature White Place Cards Fireworks Celebration - Front : Midnight

Free Printable Patriotic Place Card with Flag | Fireworks Celebration – Place Cards

. Patriotic Napkin Rings

Use this American Flag key ring as a napkin ring or red, white and/or blue rings. They need not match.

Product DetailsRed Glass Napkin Rings Set of 6Blue Glass Napkin Rings Set of 6

USA – Metal Key Rings | Red Glass Napkin Rings | Blue Glass Napkin Rings

Patriotic Party Favors

Personalized Barbecue Sauce Labels    Sees Candies Patriotic Sour Stars

    Aqua Blue Swirl Pops   Red Swirl Pops

Personalized Barbecue Sauce Labels | Flag Mint Box Favors | Sour Stars | Red Swirl Pops | Aqua Blue Swirl Pops

Patriotic Candles

Most venues supply tea-lights and holders but if yours does not, consider purchasing some. The play of light makes a difference. Place at least three on each table

Red White & Blue Patriotic Candles

Red White & Blue Patriotic Candles

Create a Patriotic Feel at Home

       Blue San Remo Flatware Set      Red Sophia Flatware Set..      White Flatware Set


Blue San Remo Flatware Set | Red Sophia Flatware Set.|  White Flatware Set


Sending a special thank you to Mary for suggesting we add patriotic napkin holders!

Patriotic Paper Goods

red_plastic_cutlery       white_plastic_cutlery       blue plastic cutlery

Red, White & Blue Cutlery

Patriotic Party Decorations & Props

Food for the 4th of July

Even if you are not entertaining consider treating yourself to these delicious hand-dipped patriotic star spangled berries, cookies, candied apples, chocolates, and popcorn samplers.

Patriotic Party Fun & Games

Patriotic Bike Decorating Kit    Patriotic Truck Parade Kit

Pre- Parade Day Activity – Bike bicycle & truck decorating! Patriotic Truck Kit | Patriotic Bike Decorating Kit

    Patriotic Duck   Red Plastic Party Drink Chiller

Patriotic Rubber Duck | Beverage Tub

Carnival Game – Float ducks in a beverage tub. Take a black sharpie and mark WIN on bottom of a few ducks  for chance to win a prize.

Wow >> we just found another  handful of patriotic games. Although not printable, we can easily envision pulling them out year after year for our Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day parties.

  Patriotic Lawn Dice Game          Patriotic Red White and Blue Peg Brain Teaser Game

Lawn Dice | Peg Brain Teaser Game

Spirit Of America Party Kit

Spirit of America Party Kit

4th of July Photo Booth Props

4th of July Photo Booth Props

Patriotic Printable Games

Yes, we found even more printable games for your patriotic parties, including patriotic baby showers!

   Printable Patriotic Baby Shower Game   Printable Patriotic Family Feud Game Question Sheet

Printable Patriotic Baby Shower Game | Printable Patriotic Family Feud Game Question Sheet

  Printable Patriotic Americana Quiz Cards   Printable Patriotic Bunco Games

Printable Patriotic Americana Quiz Cards | Printable Patriotic Bunco Games

  Patriotic Costumes and Accessories

Costumes and accessories are a great way to seamlessly add a fun element of entertainment to your patriotic celebration.

Display the American Flag

And most importantly, don’t forget to display your America Flag. If you don’t yet own an American Flag, order one today to ensure its arrival prior to July 4th.

American Flag

American Flag

Be sure to check out Karen Springen's article on Family Goes Strong

Best Ideas for a Fun, Patriotic Fourth of July | How to make Independence Day about more than just fireworks and parades

Our 2 favorite ideas from the article …

Do a patriotic good deed. Help de-litter your local park or seashore. “I believe my children will remember how they helped do things that are good for others, like clean up the beach, more than just watching the parade and fireworks,” says Wendy Griffiths, who this weekend plans to take her three daughters out with a garbage bag.

Hold a red, white and blue water balloon fight. Buy a few packages of water balloons and pick out the red, white and blue ones. Save the others for another day.

Party Hearty!

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