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In the past we have written about incorporating hashtags into your wedding from start to finish. Today we move on to Snapchat geofilters. Truthfully, creating great custom wedding geofilters is not an easy DIY. We think this is one of those things you should seriously consider outsourcing just like you outsource your photography and your flowers and even your hair and make-up. It is definitely worth a couple of hundred dollars and innumerable saved hours to purchase a professional wedding geofilter. So when Filtered Vows contacted us to feature them, we were intrigued. This might very well be the answer to our geofilter dilemma.

First we wanted to understand the whole concept of outsourcing wedding geofilters.

How Does Filtered Vows Work?

Couples select their desired package (Casual, Formal, Black Tie). Then a personal geofilter design consultant will work, one on one, with you. They will get to know you as a couple and all about your wedding. Your design consultant will ask you about the style, the colors, and all the rest of the wedding details! Since brides spend so much time and effort into creating a unique and memorable celebration, Filtered Vows wants to add that same personal touch to each Geofilter and help bring the your love story to life! Filtered Vows pretty much takes care of it all from editing to uploading the filters to Snapchat. Now all your guests need to do is snap, swipe, and share.

Why Filtered Vows?

  • It is Fun! Create an interactive experience for wedding guests. They will have so much fun using the custom overlay filters on photos and video and sharing them on Snapchat.
  • It is Unique! Geofilters are that finishing touch to a memorable wedding day. One-of-a-kind filters that create lasting memories for you and your guests.

GeoFilter Gallery

Next we checked out their wedding geofilter gallery.

Filtered Vows Wedding Geofilters

Filtered Vows Wedding Geofilters Gallery

We were impressed! So now we can comfortably say, check out Filtered Vows for yourself. We think you will not only become obsessed with the whole idea of having a custom wedding geofilter but will also enjoy how easy and yes, fun, it is to work with Filtered Vows in creating your own custom wedding geofilter. We would love to hear about your experience so please leave us a comment. Share what you liked about working with Filtered Vows and we also want to know if you found certain aspects more “challenging”. We all want to learn from your experience.

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