Shoe Party Decor & Paper Goods

High Heel Shoe Party Decor & Centerpiece Ideas

Chocolate High Heel Shoes.| 2. Pink High Heel Standee  | 3.  Inna Panasenko Highheels, Obsession – Art Print  | 4.  Clear Platform Sandal with Roses available in pink or red  | 5. Sexy Black High Heel Standee  | 6.   Stiletto Cactus Planters |  7. Divalicious Poster  |  8.  Martini And Heels Jointed Glitter Banner   |  9. Bachelorette Party – Martini and Heels 3D Centerpiece 

High Heel Shoe Party Decor & Paper Goods

As in shoes themselves, the options for fabulous high heel stiletto shoe decorations are wide ranging. There are large over-sized standees, great shoe art prints and posters, chocolate candy shoes, and our absolute favorite DIY real shoe centerpieces adorned with flowers and/or large feathers. They are easy to create and can be as elaborate or simple as your budget allows. Add a rotating display base to add movement and even more pizazz to your table!

High Heel Stiletto Shoe Cocktail Napkins

Now add little touches to your party such as any of these adorable shoe cocktail napkins – remember in party planning all the little details matter!

Finally, we have searched and seated and cannot find any shoe or high heel theme paper goods other than the cocktail napkins but don't despair because there is a simple DIY option – order solid colored paper or plastic plates in any shape you want and add an adorable high heel sticker in the middle! There is also this fabulous “Another Year of Fabulous” plate in both dinner & dessert sizes.

DIY Shoe Theme Paper Plates

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Party Hearty!

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