Pi Day Celebration >> Pair Your Pie with Wine!

Pair Your Pi with Wine

Pair Your Pi with Wine from The California Wine Club

Pi Day Celebration >> Pair Your Pie with Wine!

 Pi Day is March 14, 2017

During the holidays we were obsessed with the whole idea of pairing wine with holiday cookies so it should not surprise you that we now love The California Wine Club's idea of paring pie & wines. And what could be better than celebrating Pi Day with a slice (or two) of your favorite pies paired with the perfect wines!

Pepperoni Pizza Pie >> Spicy Zinfandel (red, not the white)

Veggie Pizza Pie >> Crisp Chardonnay

Mushroom Pizza Pie >> Woodsy Pinot Noir

Ham & Egg Pie (Quiche) >>Fruity Riesling

Cheddar & Sausage Egg Pie (Quiche) >> Bold Cabernet Sauvignon

Chocolate Silk Pie >>Rich Merlot

Fruit Pie >>A dessert wine or late harvest Sauvignon Blanc

And now thru the end of the month take advantage of the this UNREAL DEAL. 6 bottles (2 of each wine) for $59.99. A $137 value! or 12 bottles (4 of each wine) for $114.99. A $261 value! includes shipping!

 Pi Day Party Supplies

Now that you know what you are serving, why not host a Pi Day Pie Exchange Party! All you need is a fun invitation, a few decorations  & and the basic rules. Ask every guest to bring their favorite pie. Buy some pie boxes and set them out on a table. Maybe even consider adding a large Pi sticker to the front of each box. Set out all all the pies on another table and let your guests take a slice from each. Be sure to have a stack of paper plates available for tasting 🙂

One more thing >> you might want to award a gift to the clear winner of “Best Pie” or wear one of these snazzy Pi t-shirts yourself!

Party Hearty!

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