Movie Night

Movie Night

Movie Night  

This party is based on an at home, casual style evening.  If you are interested in a more glitzy event see Party Idea Pros’ Hollywood Nights celebration package or for a more animated, relaxed celebration appropriate for day or night, Lights, Camera, Action


Check out our latest celebration package!

Summer Fun – Backyard Movie Night


24 Pack Movie Night Silly Shaped Rubber Bands by BandzManiaDirector's Cut Hollywood Deluxe Party Pack

Movie Night Bandz

Perfect party favors or napkin rings!

Director’s Cut Hollywood Deluxe Party Pack

 Movie Night Invitations and Stamps


Choosing your invitation is the equivalent of the title of a paper … it sets the tone for the entire party, even a casual party!



Movie Night Studio Basics: Photo Birthday Party Invitations Take Two Personal Stationery: Party InvitationsPopcorn Treat Birthday Party Invitations

Movie Ticket Photo Party Invitation

Take Two Movie Party Invitation

Popcorn Treat Photo Invitation

Hollywood ‘Star Event’ Invitations

Movie Ticket Invitation Cards

“Show Time” Movie Ticket Invitations

Popcorn and Movie Ticket Yellow Party Invitation by IB DesignsMovie Ticket Party Invitations

Popcorn and Movie Ticket Yellow Party Invitation

Movie Ticket Party Invitation


Elegant Return Address

The custom embosser is all about sophistication. Now you can easily add some elegance to everyday stationery or as an elegant alternative to having your return addresses printed on your party invitation envelopes. They also make wonderful gifts. You will be surprised at how often you use your new embosser.


Custom embossers

Lights, Camera, Action Theme Party Stamps

Personalize your stamps or use one of the great zazzle stamps.  Please be sure to bring a complete invitation, including all inserts, to a local post office to determine exactly how much postage is required.

Movie Film Cine Camera Hollywood stampHollywood stampShower of Stars stamp stamp

Movie Film Cine Camera Hollywood


Shower of Stars Stamp

Gary Cooper. This image is a larger version than the image with  the same alt attribute on the previous page.

Gary Cooper USPS Stamp

If you decide not to customize, please do not mix stamps. It is better to add too much postage than a hodgepodge of mismatched stamps. You have spent so much time and money on every other detail, the difference in price is not worth giving a sloppy first impression.

Personal Websites

Have you always wanted a friends and family web page? Set-up an event web site to improve communication, and keep your guests. informed This is a fun extra. If you are on a tight budget and have computer savvy friends and family, you might even want to save money by foregoing invitations and instead send invites via your website.

Make your own event website

Movie Night Party Table Linens

There are so many great options for a Movie Night.  Keep it simple.  Just throw on a white, yellow, blue, green, or red cotton table cloth.  If you don’t have your own, BBJ Linen has a huge selection from which to choose.

Generally Party Idea Pros stays away from paper products, but in this case a plastic tablecloth would be absolutely fine. If you also use Party Idea Pros’ recommended paper goods, we would suggest using yellow, black or red tablecloths.  Alternately, pick up some black, red,or yellow scrap booking paper and cover with the movie section from your local newspaper.  Cut the newspaper to 11×11 so that there will be a one inch border showing and then use a scrapbook adhesive.

E-Cuts (Download and Print) Movie Night - click to enlarge

E-Cuts (Download and Print) Movie Night

If you are feeling creative and have lots of time, you can even create a layout highlighting your guest of honor.  Alternatively, use your placemats as place cards by creating a page for each of your guests.  Laminate it and tie with personalized ribbon for a complete favor anyone can enjoy.

Movie Night Party Centerpieces

Party Idea Pros favorite centerpiece, pictured on the top of the page, disappeared before we could post it online.  Keep your eye out for it during the months surrounding Father’s Day.  So as a second choice, buy a waterproof popcorn container and fill with your favorite bunch of flowers.  Choose one style or mix and match your centerpieces.


Plastic Popcorn Containers - Set of 4Dashing DaisiesMake a WishMovie Night Scoop Box


Plastic Popcorn Containers 

Make a Wish

Dashing Daisies

Movie Night Scoop Box

Slightly less expensive but still appealing options are available at  Hollywood Mega Store. Mix and match all the different styles and looks..

(Sorry, I can’t link directly to each item. Just click the item name and then search for it on Hollywood Mega Store )

Hollywood Studio Clapboard & Reel Centerpiece

Trophy Statue

Trophy Centerpiece

Hollywood Films Gift Set

Movie Reel With Filmstrip Centerpiece Each     Movie Camera Metal Centerpiece Each

Movie Reel With Filmstrip Centerpiece Each

Movie Camera Metal Centerpiece Each

For inexpensive table decor simply stuff these cute gift bags with black, gold, or silver tissue paper, with admission tickets flowing out of the bag.  Add a mylar balloon and coordinating latex balloons.

Gold Stars Gift Bags

Silver Stars Gift Bag

Admit One Tickets (Roll of 25)

Hollywood theme latex balloons

Black with Gold Stars Latex Balloons

Yet another option is to fill a standard fishbowl with strips of developed film strip!

70mm Developed Film Strip

35mm Developed Film Strip – 10 feet

Classic Fish Bowl

Movie Theme Napkin Rings

Let your napkin rings double as your party favor!

Silver Plated Diamond Ring Napkin Holders

Clapboard Key Rings

Diamond ring napkin rings

Diamond ring keychains (To save a few dollars, use this key ring and achieve the same effect!)

Trophy Star Key Chain

Movie Camera Combo Keychain

Walk of Fame Star Key chain

Movie Theme Party Place Card Holder & Party Favors

Photo holder Balloon weight

Clapboard Photo Keychain
Paint a sheet of plywood either black, gold, or even red.  Then hammer nails into the board with enough room between the nails to hang your clapboard key chain. Replace the photos with your guests name and table numbers.  Not so into DIY … instead of painted plywood use one of the Hollwood Mega Store’s larger than life cardboard cutouts.
Popcorn Bag Standup
Mega Movie Clapboard
The Star Award

Clapboard Picture Frame – 5×7

Calligraph each index card in gold or silver with your guests’ names and their table numbers. Then place card in picture frame.



4″ x 6″ Unruled White Index Cards

Trophy Star Key Chain

Paint a sheet of plywood either black, gold, or even red.  Then hammer nails into the board with enough room between the nails to hang your Oscar key chain.  Just write your guests name and table numbers on the bottom of the Oscar in gold metallic pen.



Star Place Cards

SunGlasses Picture Frame

Replace the photos with your guests name and table numbers.

A unique option for your place cards … just wirte your guest’s name on one side and the table number on the other. Use a different color film strip bow for each table

Film Strip Bows

Use a fine point or paint marker to rite your guests’ names on your place cards

Niji Metallic Paint Markers

Set of 5, Sharpie Markers in Assorted Colors, Fine Point

More Movie Theme Party Favors

Mini Pewter ‘Director Chair’ (with magnetized seat to hold paper clips)

Clapboard Mini Notes (Use the first page for your menu!)

Movie Ticket Glitter Keytag Silver EachMovie Ticket Glitter Frame Gold Each

Movie Ticket Glitter Keytag Silver
Movie Ticket Glitter Frame Gold

Paper Weights

Water Globes

Picture Frames

Film Strip Picture Frame

Clapboard Picture Frame

SunGlasses Picture Frame

For the young at heart

Black Hollywood Star Teddy Bear

Blue Hollywood Teddy Bear

Red Hollywood Teddy Bear

More Party Favors

Access to award-winning indie and foreign films. Early Access to Award Winning Independent &  Foreign Film

Film Movement brings the film festival to your home

iTunes Gift Cards

Fandango Bucks

Gift Cards

Movie Theme Candles

Movie Reel & Star Floating Candles

Tea light candles (20 pack)
Votive/Tealight Cup

Movie Theme Party Paper Goods

Director's Cut Hollywood Deluxe Party Pack
Showtime Party SuppliesHollywood EnsembleStar Attraction Party Pack, Hollywood Tableware Set

Movie Theater Popcorn Paper Plates

Movie Action Napkins

Hollywood Ensemble

Star Attraction Party Pack


Movie Theme Plastic Tablecloths

Hollywood Movies Table Cloth

‘Lights, Camera, Action’ Table Cloth

Stars Shiny Metallic Table Skirt

Movie Theme Cocktail Napkins, Guest Towels, Gift Bags

No matter how formal or casual your party, fun beverage napkins will get your celebration off to a festive start. Choose one style or mix and match all styles to add a bit of punch to your cocktail hour. Order 5-6 napkins per guest figuring everyone has 1-2 drinks, and 3-4 appetizers each.

personalized beverage napkins

Hollywood Nights

Personalized Napkins and Guest Towels with Butterfly Designs

Personalized Krepe Craft Napkins, Guest Towels, and Gift Bags

Movie Icons Film Strip Beverage Napkins

Movie Night Beverage Napkins

Gold Star Beverage Napkin

Lights, Camera, Action Beverage Napkins

Gold Stars Gift Bags

Silver Stars Gift Bag

Movie Theme Balloons

Gold Star Mylar Balloon

Clapboard Balloon

Gold Star Mylar Balloon

Hollywood Star Balloons

Lights Camera Action Mylar Balloon EachPopcorn Mylar Balloon Each  Black with Gold Stars Latex Balloons

Lights Camera Action Mylar Balloon

Popcorn Mylar Balloon

Black with Gold Stars Latex Balloons



Photo holder Balloon Weight

Movie Theme Party Decor and Party Props

Most likely these large party props are more than your casual party calls for but if you are looking for a piece or two to make your party extra special, there are lots of movie props from which to choose.

Director’s Megaphone

Director’s Clapboard

Camera Prop

Movie Reels and Film Cans

Movie Reels

‘Hollywood Studios’ Film Cans

Movie Theme Chairs and Pillows

Gold Medal Director’s Chair – Tall

Gold Medal Director’s Chair – Short

Hollywood Plush Pillows

Movie Theme Desk Lamps

Studio Light Desk Lamp

Movie Camera Desk Lamp

Movie Theme Trophies

Award Trophies

Deluxe Trophy

Decorative Trophy

Movie Theme License Plates and Street Signs

License Plates

Street Signs

Movie Theme Life Size Cut Outs

Huge Collection of Life Size Celebrity Cut Outs

Movie and Celebrity Posters

Movie and Celebrity Posters

8×10 Celebrity Movie Stills

Large Movie Props

Popcorn Arch EachBox Office Bliss Hollywood Kit

Opening Night Magic Kit

Box Office Bliss Hollywood Kit

Movie Popcorn Banner 18 X 54 Horizontal Vinyl Banner

The Little Extras for your Movie Theme Party

Sometimes Party Idea Pros just comes across an idea or a site which might provide that little extra something you are searching for … Also be sure to check out Hollywood Mega Store and Stumps Party for for even more great movie theme options.

Movieland Salt & Pepper Shakers

70mm Developed Film Strip

Clapboard Food & Cocktail Picks

Movie Theme Confetti

Hollywood Icons Confetti

Hollywood Award Confetti

Movie Clapboard & Film Strip Confetti

Metallic Stars Confetti – Silver


Popcorn Boxes

Plastic Popcorn Box Each

Popcorn Box

Plastic Popcorn Box Each

Fill with popcorn, of course!

Party Give-Aways

iTunes Gift Cards

Admit One Tickets (Roll of 25)

Admit one Tickets with unique numbers. Use for prize drawings, as invitations, entry stubs, or giveaways.

Printable Movie Theme Games

Movie Match… For The Game We Love

Chick Flicks vs. Action: Famous Movie Quotes

Movie Love Quotes

Best & Worst Comic Movie Characters


Movie Theme Food and Drink


Fresh Baked Cookies

Water Bottles & Personalized Labels

Create your own MyJones movie  moment.

Jones Soda

Movie Theme Freshening Baskets/ Emergency Kits

Buy a real film can to display sample sized essentials. Place in powder rooms.

Film Cans

The essentials


First aid kit, Tylenol, Advil, hairbrush, comb, bobby pins, concealer, lip gloss, mouth wash, hairspray, stain remover, antacid, tampons and sanitary pads, sewing kit, clear nail polish, nail polish remover, nail file, mints & hard candies, hand lotion, and dental floss

Movie Keepsake Albums

Movie Fan Keepsake Collectors Album binder Video Binder Template bindermovie food notebook binder

Movie Fan Keepsake Collectors Customizable Album

Video Binder Template

Movie food notebook.


Movie Party Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories

Not sure what to wear? Nothing is easier than buying on the internet. Whether you need a sun dress for a beach party or an elegant suit to take you to the White House, you can find it online. Avoid parking hassles and over bearing sales people. Shop any time of the day or night. Generally companies make returns easy, if the item doesn’t fit or you just don’t like it. Order online today and receive that perfect something at your doorstep in just a few days! Shoes and Handbags

Hollywood Mega Store ( hoodies, t-shirts)

Movie Theme Neckties

There are many pages of handsome ties for your movie theme party: Zazzle




Popcorn Tie tie Movie director or lover tie tieI Heart Horror Movies tie

Popcorn Tie

Movie director or lover tie

I Heart Horror Movies

More movie theme ties

Movie Theme T-shirts

For a fun look, consider using these t-shirts as both chair covers and party favors.

Director T-Shirt – Black

Producer T-Shirt Black

Stuntman T-Shirt Black

Actor T-Shirt Black

Actress T-Shirt Black

Make the Night Last a Year


Don’t let this memorable day fade away with the setting sun. The next day, when all is still fresh, log onto to create photo books, memory calendars, and even photo thank you notes or create a 5×7 photo card announcing the day, time, and location of your next celebration.

Photo Books

Collage Calendars

Photo cards

Party Hearty!

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