Shoe Lover Theme Party Planning, Ideas, and Supplies

 Shoe Lover Theme Party Planning, Ideas, and SuppliesShoes, Glorious Shoes!

There is no such thing as too many shoes!

Don your high heels ladies – it's time to party!

A high heel, stiletto shoe party is a perfect party theme for

Ladies Night Out Parties, Bachelorette Parties, Hen's Night In, Bridal Showers (“Perfect Pair, Perfect Fit“), Birthday Luncheons, Retirement Party

and even

Bat Mitzvah Celebrations, Quinceanera Celebrations, Teen Parties, and Sweet Sixteen Parties (especially if you add a charitable element to your celebration)

Party Idea Pros will walk you through every step of your shoe theme party providing professional recommendation on just about every detail including high heel invitations, centerpieces, napkin rings, place cards, party favors, and lots and lots of little extras. Remember ladies — in event planning the details matter!

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Cheap Chic

Cheap Chic

Cheap Chic

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Planning a College Party? Think Costume!


Plan your college costume party today to take advantage of Post Halloween Blow-out Costume Sales




Work hard. Play hard.

Sometimes academics seem easy compared to planning fabulous parties week in and week out. All you social chairs understand — one great party a semester doesn't cut it. Although unique ideas are hard to come by, sometimes unique is not necessary so long as your party is fresh and over the top. Actually, planning a college party is quite simple. You only need two elements:

Skimpy Costumes
Generous Libations

(Always drink responsibly. Never drink and drive. And please, do not serve alcohol to anyone under the legal drinking age!)

Now add a few games, music, and low lighting, and you are pretty well set.

Rather than write a super long post, my plan is to create a new post for each specific costume party theme. This way you can easily pick and choose which theme(s) appeal to you and easily access and visualize the theme.

  • “Make it a Double!” Costume Party
  • SUPERHERO Costume Party
  • “You're Tagged” Graffiti Party
  • (With lots more to come!)

    Be sure to visit Party Idea Pros Greek Events for more party planning ideas, themes and party supplies: Greek Events

    One more thought …

    Not to state the obvious but everyone knows that ultimately it is the people who
    make the party.  In order to attract an A-list crowd, year-long self promotion is
    a vital element to you pre-party planning.

    Have fun and party hearty!

    Grad Night

    Graduation Party

    Grad Night Party Planning,

    Theme Ideas, and Supplies

    With graduation days upon us, we realize Party Idea Pros has yet to create a comprehensive graduation party package, so here is a quick fix to help you plan this special day …

    Consider hosting a casual barbecue where friends and family can mingle together to celebrate your graduate.

    Remember just about any celebration package can be modified to better suit a graduation party!. For other theme ideas be sure to check out…

    Surf’s Up | Take Flight: A Butterfly Party Theme | Smiles | Everything Sweet: A Scrumptious Party Theme | Wonder Woman Party | More Graduation Party & Gift Ideas

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    A Gift that Gives – Healing Hearts Jewelry

    Healing Hearts   Healing Hearts Silver Ring

    Healing Hearts

    Party Idea Pros generally does not highlight jewelry but we recently came across a chic new designer who whose unique gemstone collection is a perfect gift for Mother’s Day or any day:

    “Gemstones are the spirit of the earth frozen in time. For thousands of years, gemstones have been treasured for their power to heal, energize and inspire. The design, stones and metal all empower you. The artful combination of these elements reflects your spirit and is yours forever.” Tamara Alter

    Our favorite collection of Tamara’s is her Healing Hearts collection, created in honor of Tamara’s dear sister Stefanie who passed away at the young age of 43, after a brave and courageous fight against Ovarian Cancer. All profits from the Healing Hearts collection goes to The High Heals Foundation whose mission is to raise funds to develop methods for early diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer and aid in the discovery of a cure through research, advocacy and education.

    High Heals Foundation Stamp

    Party Hearty!

    Prom on a Budget

    Budget Friendly Invitations

    Midsummer Night's Dream

    Midsummer Night's Dream

    Midsummer Night's Dream Text

    Midsummer Night's Dream Text

    If you are on an extremely tight budget, you can’t beat the price on these postcards turned invitations. Design your own graphics or use one of the pre-printed backgrounds.

    It took Party Idea Pros less than two hours to help the SDJA prom chairs create the perfect invitation for this year’s prom. These romantic invitations were designed and ordered on Wednesday afternoon and delivered by Friday. Plan ahead and save on shipping!!!!

    $45.99 for 300 double sided glossy 4×6 invitations.
    Add a few gems
    $33.00 for 300 43/4 x 61/2 (A6) coordinating colored envelopes
    Total cost for 300 invitations < $100.00 (postage not included)

    Prints Made Easy


    Action Envelope

    Party Hearty!

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