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Ancient Roman Party

Be Happy!

Break Out the Clubs
Candied Dreams
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Cheap Chic
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Everything Sweet

Festive Hearts

Garden Delights

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Girls Yoga Night Out
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Lights, Camera, Action
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Orange Outburst
Shoes, Glorious Shoes
Sparkling NIghts
Surf’s Up
Take Me Out to the Ball Game
Tea Party

Toga Party

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What’s Cooking
Winter Wonderland
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Cute Costumes for Teenage Girls

Teen Parties

Teen Party Basics


Nothing is more fun (and at times, more trying) than hosting a teen party. Party Idea Pros will walk you through every step of planning your teen’s birthday party by providing professional recommendations on just about every detail of your celebration including theme ideas, invitations, party and table decor, centerpieces, and party favors. And if we forget something, feel free to remind us.

The biggest difference in hosting a teen or sweet sixteen party and other parties is the “security” issue. Please seriously sit down with your teen prior to the party to discuss your views on the subjects of the use of alcohol by teen guests and other inappropriate behaviors. Make it absolutely clear what behaviors will and will not be tolerated. Also be clear you and other adults will be supervising the party and will not hesitate to ask anyone not following your rules to leave immediately. Do not be too disappointed if your teen chooses not to have a party after this discussion. We understand how embarrassing it is to have your parents lurking around, however, your teen needs to understand that you are legally and morally responsible for all behaviors at the party.

Another “security “ issue is the guest list. We recommend that only those on your teen’s guest list be allowed into the party and once in, they must stay in. Do not, we repeat, do not allow the guests in and out access unless you are willing to live with the consequences and legal liability. Warning: if you do not control your guests on the front end, the chances of losing control of the party are increased dramatically. We also recommend all purses, backpacks, and bags of any kind be checked at the entrance. This will not only protect you and your guest against theft but will also insure that unwanted beverages and other illegal products do not mysteriously make their way into the party. Yes, we may be cynical, and you obviously know your teen and your community best, so ultimately how strict you choose to be is a personal decision. But in party planning, our rule of thumb is to always be prepared for the worst rather than surprised by the unexpected.

Step 1 – A Quick Review of Planning Basics

Planning Basics

Venues and Lodging
Entertainment and Photography
Fabulous Food


Step Two – Choose your Theme
Party Theme Ideas

What's Hot
Cheap Chic
Keep it Simple
Go Green

Step Three – Order your Supplies

Don't forget to check if the vendor is running any promotoins for Party Idea Pros customers!

Discounts & Deals

Step Four – Make the Party Last a Lifetime!

Don't let this memorable celebration fade away with the morning sun. The next day, when all is still fresh, log onto Shutterfly.com to create photo books, memory calendars, and even photo thank you notes.

Photo Books

Collage Calendars

Photo cards

Recommended Reading

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Memorable Milestone Birthdays: Over 50 Theme Parties to Help You Celebrate

Useful Websites

Candy.com (candy)

Candy You Ate as a Kid (candy)

Celebrate Express (party supplies)

Century Novelty (party supplies)

Endless.com (fashionable shoes)

Fine Stationary (invitations)

Invitation Consultants (invitations)

Jones Soda Company (hip soda)


Tiny Prints (invitations)

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