Greek Events and College Parties

Party Themes

(Whatever theme you choose, always drink responsibly. Never drink and drive. And please, do not serve alcohol to anyone under the legal drinking age!)

New! Thursday Night Parties

Ancient Roman Party

Planning a College Party? Think Costume!

“Make it a Double!” Costume Party

Mardi Gras – Got Beads?

Superhero Costume Party

Take a Walk on the “Wild” Side

“You’re Tagged” Graffiti Costume Party

Couples Parties

Last Minute Costume Ideas

Mustache Bash

Post Halloween Blow-out Costume Sales!!!

(Save money by planning your college costume party just after Halloween  to take advantage of these incredible post Halloween sales!)

Toga Party

Veni. Vidi. Vici. (An Ides of March Party)

Superhero Party Packages

Wonder Woman Party

Superhero Costume Party

Green Lantern Party

Thor Party

Fraternity Parties

Ancient Roman Toga Party

Best Vintage Yet




Kentucky Derby

Lights, Camera, Action

Mardi Gras – Got Beads?
Movie Night


Surf’s Up

Take a Walk on the “Wild” Side

Take Me out to the Ball Game

Veni. Vidi. Vici. (An Ides of March Party)



Sorority Parties

Be Happy!

Candied Dreams

Classic Elegance

Everything Sweet

Festive Hearts
Garden Delights

Gingerbread Delights

Girls Night Out

Girls Yoga Night Out

Good Things Come in Small Packages


Let’s Cocktail
Lights, Camera, Action

Mardi Gras – Got Beads?

Melodies of Life

Movie Night
Orange Outburst

Shoe Lover Party

Sparkling NIghts

Surf’s Up

Take a Walk on the “Wild” Side

Tea Party

Veni. Vidi. Vici. (An Ides of March Party)

Western Cowboy Party

What’s Cooking
Winter Wonderland

Wonder Woman Party


Vinyl Greek Letters

Vinyl Greek Letters!

Perfect for your dorm room or your house!

Just click on the tab that says Greek Letters


Big Sis/Lil Sis Pendant
Sorority Jewelry

Animal House

College and Greek Party Basics

These party themes are especially good for alumni or parent events.  Keep checking back for Thursday night ideas!

Why Party — need we even ask?

Years ago, my friend Hanna taught me the value of celebrating the little things in life as they arise. These tough times do not call for cutting out partying.  On the contrary, these are the times we need to embrace friends and family and join together in celebration.  So rather than skip your next alumni or parent party, throw a bash, even if it is a simple bash.  Let Party Idea Pros walk you through each step of planning your college party by providing professional recommendations on just about every detail.   And if we forget something, feel free to remind us.

NEW! Fraternity and Sorority Gifts, Clothing & Party Decor.
Stumps Party

Fun Gifts

.The Book of Beer Pong: The Official Guide to the Sport of Champions

Beer Pouch Sweatshirt with Hood

Beer Pouch Sweatshirt with Hood

Carry a beer without tying up your hands.

Mustache Beer Pong Pack cups and balls

Mustache Beer Pong Pack cups and balls

Step 1 – A Quick Review of Planning Basics

Planning Basics Just for College and Greek Parties

Work hard. Play hard.

Sometimes academics seem easy compared to planning fabulous parties week in and week out. All you social chairs understand — one great party a semester doesn’t cut it. Although unique ideas are hard to come by, sometimes unique is not necessary so long as your party is fresh and over the top. Actually, planning a college party is quite simple. You only need two elements:

Skimpy Costumes
Generous Libations

(Always drink responsibly. Never drink and drive. And please, do not serve alcohol to anyone under the legal drinking age!)

Now add a few games, music, and low lighting, and you are pretty well set.

General Planning Basics

Planning Basics
Venues and Lodging
Entertainment and Photography
Fabulous Food

Step Two  – Choose your Theme
Party Theme Ideas

What’s Hot
Cheap Chic
Keep it Simple
Go Green

Step Three  – Order your Supplies

Don’t forget to check if the vendor is running any promotions for Party Idea Pros customers!

Discounts & Deals

Step Four – Make the Party Last a Lifetime!

Don’t let this memorable event fade away with the morning sun. The next day, when all is still fresh, log onto to create photo books, memory calendars, and even photo thank you notes.

Photo Books

Collage Calendars

Photo cards

Recommended Reading

Pick a Party

The Recovering Sorority Girls’ Guide to a Year’s Worth of Perfect Parties

America Entertains: A Year of Imaginative Parties


Party Hearty!



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