Go Green Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

Go Green Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

Go Green Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

Go Green Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

If you have read a newspaper, turned on the television, or browsed the internet, you know it is cool to be green (even beyond St Patrick's Day). Resolve today to be a Green Goddess everyday! Make ecologically friendly choices as you plan your party. Make every party a green party!

  • Join the sustainable food movement by creating a menu based on seasonal foods, grown or produced locally. The fewer miles the food needs to travel to get to your table, the fresher it will taste and the less carbon footprint you will leave. Likewise, use flowers and plants grown organically and locally. Local Harvest is a wonderful source for regionally grown flowers and foods
  • Buy eco friendly products. Amazon offers a myriad of  Eco + Green + Environmental friendly products including bamboo utensils, compostable, biodegradable and recycled paper party supplies. Or better yet, skip the disposables altogether — consider renting glassware and china or use your own. Don't worry about it all matching — one of today's hottest trends is to mix and match!
  • Proof positive you can still have your glitter and keep green!

Reusable Glitter Cupcake Wrappers

Add a sprinkle of sparkle to your cupcakes with these reusable glitter cupcake wrappers! These glamorous glitter cupcake wrappers and liners come in gold, white, black, cherry blossom, red, lime green, sky blue, royal blue, aqua blue, lavender, baby pink, and white to match your special day. Not only would these cupcake wrappers be perfect for your birthday party, but each liner is coated to be re-used for any occasion, simply wipe down! 

  • Consider giving earth friendly party favors such as seeds, starter herbs, or reusable bags

Eco-friendly Green Wedding Favors..

  • Place your emergency kit items in a bag or tray made from recyclable materials such as candy wrappers, juice boxes, plastic bottles or choose natural and renewable fibers.Fair Trade Recycled Paper and Bamboo Round Serving Tray

Fair Trade Recycled Paper and Bamboo 13″ Round Serving Tray

  • Use a digital invitation — it is easy, fast, and paper free and best of all, Minted's digital invites are really lovely!. However, sometimes, a beautiful paper invitation still works best. Consider using only invitations printed on tree- free or recycled paper with non toxic ink.
  • Use water bottles manufactured from renewable resources and consider using only organic wine and vodka. Again, the less miles a product needs to travel, the lower the carbon footprint.

 Organic Vodka            Love the Earth Suckers

Organic Vodka with Eco Conscious Sophistication | Love The Earth Suckers (These are just too cute for words)

Organic Wines

Serve Organic Wines & Local Craft Beers

  • Carry the health and wellness concept beyond the party and into your home … be a trend setter. Demonstrate that environmentally friendly can be chic too.
Eco-Friendly Home Supplies

Eco-Friendly Home Supplies >> Towels | Sheets | Diapers | Hand Soap

Coming Soon …. a green theme party decor package | Entertaining on Earth Day

Party Hearty!

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