Gingerbread Delights

Gingerbread Delights

A playful theme for most holiday and winter parties, including high school winter formals, Greek events, sweet sixteen parties, quinceanera celebrations, and family reunions.

Gingerbread Delights


Before you even begin to plan your gingerbread theme party, get in the mood with this adorable Pixar video

Pixar Animations – Cookie Blues


Gingerbread Theme Party Invitations

Choosing your invitation is the equivalent of the title of a paper … it sets the tone for the entire party!


Flat Holiday Party Invitations - Holiday Icing - Robyn Miller       Flat Holiday Party Invitations - House Party         Gingerbread Party Party Invitations
Flat Holiday Party Invitations – Holiday Icing | Flat Holiday Party Invitations – House Party | Gingerbread Party

Candyman Cookie Invitation      Flat holiday party invitation, Gingerbread Sweethearts      Studio basics: holiday party invitations, Smiling Gingerbread

Candyman Cookie Invitation | Flat holiday party invitation, Gingerbread Sweethearts | Holiday party invitations, Smiling Gingerbread


Return Address Stamp

Gingerbread Man Stamp 

Don’t Forget the Stamp!

Gingerbread House Christmas Postage stampGingerbread Man Postage stampGingerbread and Candy Canes stampSanta Gingerbread Man Postage stampKRW Christmas Gingerbread House stamp

Gingerbread House Christmas Postage | Gingerbread Man Postage | Gingerbread and Candy Canes | Santa Gingerbread Man Postage | KRW Christmas Gingerbread House



Gingerbread Party Decor

Stumps Prom and Party has a great Gingerbread Castle and Gingerbread Arch which you might consider using if you have a need for large and impactful decor.

Holiday Gingerbread Arch, Gingerbread Arch Frosted Holiday Castle, Frosted Holiday Towers

Gingerbread Arch | Gingerbread Castle and Towers


Add Gingerbread Theme Balloons!

Gingerbread House Balloon Gingerbread balloon

34 in. Gingerbread House Balloon | 18 in. Gingerbread House Balloon
Sorry — I am having difficulty linking directly to these balloons, so just search “gingerbread” on Giant Party Store

Add lots and lots of coordinating latex balloons to create a festive flare for relatively little cost.


Gingerbread Candles

Gingerbread Train Holiday Candle Set Floating Gingerbread Man Candles

Gingerbread Train Holiday Candle Set | Floating Gingerbread Man Candles



Edible Gingerbread Creations

No Work Gingerbread Houses

Make your Own Gingerbread Kits and Supplies

Create-a-treat Gingerbread House Kit

 Create A Treat-GingerBread House Kit with Tree, 1 Kit (2 GingerBread Men Included) 

How to build a Gingerbread House

The Gingerbread Architect: Recipes and Blueprints for Twelve Classic American Homes | How to Build a Gingerbread House: A Step-by-Step Guide to Sweet Results | Making Great Gingerbread Houses: Delicious Designs from Cabins to Castles, from Lighthouses to Tree Houses | Gingerbread Houses: Baking and Building Memories

Gingerbread Men and Women Cookie Cutters, Molds, and Mixes

Wilton Bite Size Gingerbread Man Mold | Wilton Gingerbread Cookie Cutter Trio | Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutters | Wilton Gingerbread Boy Comfort Grip Cookie Cutter


Gingerbread Theme Entertainment and Fun and Games

Gingerbread Pinata

Gingerbread Man Pinata

Gingerbread Man Pinata


Gingerbread Man Costumes

Hire actors or talk a few friends into dressing as Hansel and Gretel or a gingerbread man and milling about with your guests.

Hansel | Gretel | Gingerbread Man Costume



Bring back memories of childhood … set up a few Candyland games around your room and don’t be too surprised at just how many smiles you will elicit and how many of your guests actually end up playing the game.

Gingerbread Man Fairy Tale Masks With Easy-to-read Play!

Candyland Game | Gingerbread Man Fairy Tale Masks With Easy-to-read Play!


Gingerbread Theme Gifts And Apparel!

      Personalized Christmas Stockings - Gingerbread Boy      Custom Gingerbread Family Christmas Ornament - 5 Names      Gingerbread Man SachetGingerbread Scallop Custom Stamp - PS design - Stamp machine & custom stamp plate


The Gingerbread Boy

No Gingerbread theme party would be complete if we didn’t reference one of my all time favorite children’s books. It is the perfect focal point for a school holiday party!

The Gingerbread BoyThe Gingerbread Man Loose in the School     The Gingerbread Kid Goes to School

The Gingerbread Boy | The Gingerbread Boy Book & CD (Read Along Book & CD) | The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School | The Gingerbread Kid Goes to School (All Aboard Reading) 

Make the Day Last a Lifetime

Don’t let this memorable evening fade away with the rising sun. The next day, when all is still fresh, log onto to create photo books, memory calendars, and even photo thank you notes or create a 5×7 photo card announcing the day, time, and location of your next celebration.

Photo Books | Collage Calendars | Photo cards | Photo Pages for 3-Ring Binders

Holiday Recipe Binder - 1Big Gingerbread Scrapbook Holiday Binder binderGingerbread Binder binderOh Snap! Gingerbread Man Personalized Recipe Book binder

.Holiday Recipe Binder | Kitchen Chemistry | Big Gingerbread Scrapbook Holiday Binder | Gingerbread Binder | Oh Snap! Gingerbread Man Personalized Recipe Book


Party Hearty!

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