Move Over Cupcakes >> Donut Stands are Here!

Donut Stands

Donut Stands

Move Over Cupcakes >> Donut Stands are Here!

We admit it, we are officially obsessed with these donut stands. Finally a way to push cupcakes off the party and wedding circuits and replace them with with something truly yummy. Yes, we love donuts. It might be the hours sitting in the hospital cafeteria on Saturday mornings eating donuts while we waited for our dad to finish his rounds or it might be that although elusive, nothing beats a great donut.

We could not believe our good fortune when we discovered these donut stands in FreeStyleMom's Etsy shop. They can be customized, free of charge, and a single 9″ stick can hold up to six donuts.  The large 4 stick stand with 18″ sticks can hold up to four dozen donuts.  Even beyond our love of donuts, we really like the whole visual of these donut stands – there is something about their simplicity that is very appealing. Clearly  you can always stack donuts on a cake platter just like you would cupcakes but this stand is just so much more interesting.  Perfect on dessert bars at birthday parties, weddings, showers, or just about any occasion where you might offer your guests a little extra something sweet  on their way out the door.


How great is this donut wall!

Donut Wall

Pegboard Donut Wall ((Idea inspired by and image courtesy of the

And these donuts on a straw would be equally cute at birthday parties & baby showers!

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