Movie Theme Party Decorations

Movie Party Decor

We cannot believe we had not found this this fabulous movie theme party decor from Minted in time for your Academy Awards viewing parties but truthfully this look is better suited to a bit more low-key less glitz-filled night. With its classic black and white color theme we definitely envision using these chic bunting banners, garland, table signs and more at events like our  Movie Night celebration and our Lights, Camera, Action and Summer Fun – Backyard Movie Night parties.

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Woodland Animal Theme Party Supplies

Woodland Animal Theme Party Supplies

With our obsession with woodland animal themes (What Does the Fox Say?) we were a bit surprised when we somehow managed to miss these Woodland Gnome party supplies and Happy Camper Party Pack. As usual we want to thank our visitors for alerting us to the cuteness of woodland animal theme party supplies!  Thank you! Continue Reading →

Train Diaper Cakes – The Perfect Train Theme Baby Shower Centerpiece

Baby Shower Centerpiece Gifts Train Diaper Cake

Probably one of the most re-pinned and favorited items on our Pinterest boards is this train diaper cake. Although perfect as a centerpiece for train theme baby showers it is not like a traditional diaper cake where the train is built with diapers rubber banded together but instead it is  all  held together with glue so after the shower the mom-to-be will not be able to actually use the diapers.  She will, however, be able to use the  baby care items (baby shampoo, wash, lotion powder & diaper rash ointment) placed in the middle train cars. Currently it is available in green on Amazon and in blue, pink & green on eBay.  Because diaper patterns change, the actual pattern on the train will vary depending on availability.  This particular train is made from baby items – diapers, baby bottle, wash cloths.  It measures about 11 inches tall, 27 inches long and 3.5 inches wide (Again, from the merchant – this is a glued keepsake decoration and not intended to be used – this is not a toy). Update:  We have messaged this merchant to verify the details as presented   and will update you once we hear back from her!  Our gut is that we may be taking her words too literally because truthfully, not being able to use the diapers rather defeats the purpose of a  creating a diaper cake.)

Train Theme Baby Shower Centerpiece & Gift Ideas - Train Diaper Cakes,

Here are a few more adorable diaper cake trains that can be found on eBay and Etsy and Amazon.  The selection varies  from day to day but each one is cuter than the next!

More Train Theme Baby Shower Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

You might also want to check out this YouTube DIY video on How to Make a Choo Choo Train Diaper Cake .  It isn't as easy as you might think.

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Mardi Gras Masquerade Theme Party Inspiration Board

Mardi Gras Inspiration Board

All the Inspiration you need to plan a fun festive Mardi Gras Party!

1.Mardi Gras Cup with Beaded Necklace| 2. Mardi Gras Feather Mask with Stick| 3. Mardi Gras Party Invitation| 4. Mardi Gras Magic Party Kit| 5. Mardi Gras Mask Stamp| 6. Jumbo Mardi Gras Confetti| 7. Mardi Gras Food Picks| 8. Mardi Gras Balloons| 9. Mardi Gras Cascade Centerpiece| 10. Golden Flower Mask|

Mardi Gras Masquerade Theme Party Inspiration Board

Mark your calendars for Tuesday February 28, 2017

Happy Mardi Gras!!

There is no better party than a Mardi Gras Masquerade party!  Party Idea Pros will walk you through every step of your celebration providing professional recommendations on just about every detail including including invitations, Decor, Party Favors, Gifts, Masks, Beads, Fun and Game ideas, and lots and lots of little extras.

Just the name Mardi Gras conjures up images of drunken, bead-wearing revelers dancing through the streets of New Orleans. But how, and when, did this huge mid-winter party get started? Here’s a look at the history of Mardi Gras throughout the ages and across the nations.

  • The first Mardi Gras parade was staged in the United States 1837
  • Mardi Gras means “Fat Tuesday” and of course is celebrated on that day of the week, the day before Ash Wednesday.  The date can fall between February 3 and March 9 depending on the Lunar calendar, used by the Catholic Church to determine the date of Easter. Mardi Gras is always 47 days before Easter Sunday.
  • The official colors for Mardi Gras are purple, green, and gold.
    • Purple represents justice
    • Green stands for faith
    • Gold stands for power

An oval cake honoring the three kings is decorated in purple, green and gold colors, representing justice, faith and power, respectively. A small plastic baby, symbolizing the Baby Jesus, is baked into each cake. Whoever gets the piece with the baby not only will have good luck that year, but will also be responsible for bringing the King Cake to next year’s party!

Let Party Idea {Pros} inspire you to throw the most festive Mardi Gras Party outside of New Orleans!

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