Waxing Poetic – Say it with Jewelry!

Waxing Poetic –  Say it with Jewelry!

Are you ever at a loss for words?  Not sure how to tell a loved one or a special friend exactly how your feel?  Let Waxing Poetic, one of our favorite online destinations for personalized jewelry, do the talking for you.  Waxing Poetic has a knack finding just the right way to wax poetic without overdoing it.

Waxing Poetic charms are especially meaningful when combined together.  Waxing Poetic explains that “joining charms to layer a look or build a story is sort of like curating your life as you would art (but on a slightly smaller scale). ” These miniature icons can express who we are.  Design a custom look without fear. Take the time to capture the story of someone you care about – show her you know her – show her you care!

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Just in! Limited Time Promotional Offer

Waxing Poetic currently is offering Free Shipping on any purchase of $75 or more through the end of July with the code JULYSHIP. Whether you are looking for a birthday present for a relative, baby shower gift for a friend, a thank you gift for your bridesmaids, an inspiring graduation gift, or a little something special for yourself, you cannot go wrong with a piece of insignia jewelry from Waxing Poetic. Crafted from sterling silver and mixed metals, WP jewelry is imaginative, easy-to wear and fun to mix and match. Be sure to check it out soon, as the Free Shipping offer expires Sunday, July 31st.

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Smiley Cookies Really Do Brighten The Day!

Smiley Cookies

Reviewed by Samantha (PIP summer intern)

My name is Samantha and I am a cookie fanatic. If I have a choice of any treat, I will always choose a cookie.  Imagine my delight when a box arrived on my desk at work filled with cookies.   These great treats arrived packaged in a colorfully designed box that immediately put a smile on my face. A dozen sugar cookies covered in white icing with six different colored smiley faces  came packed in a sealed plastic container that actually kept the cookies fresh for weeks. In addition to the cookies the box included directions on how to best eat the cookies.  The directions recommended heating them in the microwave for 10 seconds.  After taking my first bite, I decided an extra 10 seconds would take the cookies from good to outstanding.  In fact, my boss, initially a bit iffy about the cookies, really liked them once they were warmed up.  I can honestly say Smiley Cookies are now my new favorite cookies.    I would absolutely recommend them to all my friends.

These fun, scrumptious treats are available in a variety of different colors and shapes. Chose from stars, flowers, hearts, and more to make a basketful of yummy delights. You can also create your own cookie and choose the shape and color of the icing and smiley face. Smiley Cookies are long lasting and extremely versatile; they make excellent birthday presents, “get well soon” goodies, thank you gifts, and are overall great for any party or holiday. They would also be a fantastic take-home party favor treat for guests – just put them out near the door on a large smile face plate and let your guests grab them as they leave the party.  Priced starting at just $12.99 / dozen these cookies are both reasonable and delicious.  Make it a yummy day!

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Send a FREE Independence Day Card to Our Troops!

Independence Day Cards Forever Flag - Front : Khaki Independence Day Cards American Heroes - Front : Ore

Send a FREE Independence Day Card to Our Troops!


Please consider taking a few minutes out of your Fourth of July weekend festivities to take advantage of this special offer from Tiny Prints.  Just go to Tiny Prints Facebook page for  details of exactly how to mail your free July 4th “thank you” card to our troops!

If you are feeling especially generous, consider adding a gift card that will be printed directly inside your greeting card.

Have a fun and safe 4th of July weekend!


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Unique Wedding Gifts

Unique Wedding Gifts

Recently I received a wedding invitation from a lovely couple who I have known since they were both in elementary school and had the honor of watching grow into professionally and personally accomplished adults.  As is the custom today, their wedding announcement indicated that they were registered at the usual stores.  I spent way too long searching for the perfect present.  Finally I narrowed it down to the vacuum cleaner, the knife set, or a generic glass vase.  But rather than clicking “buy” I turned off the computer.  I wanted to gift this  amazing couple something special –something memorable.

So the next time I tackled the project, I went directly to Layla Grayce's selection of elegant and unique wedding gifts. I knew exactly what I was looking for — something elegant and classic, something the couple would use over and over again throughout their years together as they entertained family and friends.  I wanted a gift that would add that little extra to their table yet would be something they would never buy for themselves and something that I would want to immediately add to Party Idea Pros Classic Elegance party package.

Here are a few of my absolute favorite pieces:

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