Cheap Chic

Cheap Chic

Cheap Chic

Planning a party is always about choices. This page is dedicated to finding less expensive alternatives  — in other words, cheap chic. Continue Reading →

Grad Night

Graduation Party

Grad Night Party Planning,

Theme Ideas, and Supplies

With graduation days upon us, we realize Party Idea Pros has yet to create a comprehensive graduation party package, so here is a quick fix to help you plan this special day …

Consider hosting a casual barbecue where friends and family can mingle together to celebrate your graduate.

Remember just about any celebration package can be modified to better suit a graduation party!. For other theme ideas be sure to check out…

Surf’s Up | Take Flight: A Butterfly Party Theme | Smiles | Everything Sweet: A Scrumptious Party Theme | Wonder Woman Party | More Graduation Party & Gift Ideas

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Prom on a Budget

Budget Friendly Invitations

Midsummer Night's Dream

Midsummer Night's Dream

Midsummer Night's Dream Text

Midsummer Night's Dream Text

If you are on an extremely tight budget, you can’t beat the price on these postcards turned invitations. Design your own graphics or use one of the pre-printed backgrounds.

It took Party Idea Pros less than two hours to help the SDJA prom chairs create the perfect invitation for this year’s prom. These romantic invitations were designed and ordered on Wednesday afternoon and delivered by Friday. Plan ahead and save on shipping!!!!

$45.99 for 300 double sided glossy 4×6 invitations.
Add a few gems
$33.00 for 300 43/4 x 61/2 (A6) coordinating colored envelopes
Total cost for 300 invitations < $100.00 (postage not included)

Prints Made Easy


Action Envelope

Party Hearty!