Shoe Lover’s Theme Party Inspiration – Planning, Ideas & Supplies

Shoe Lovers Theme Party Inspiration

1.Heel Memory Matching Game | 2. High Heel Luggage Tags   | 3.  High Heel Bottle Opener   | 4. Chocolate High Heel filled with Chocolate Truffles  | 5. High Heel shaped Cake Server  | 6.  High Heel Invitations |  7. High Heel Chocolate Lollipop

There is no such thing as too many shoes!

Don your high heels ladies – it’s time to party!

A high heel, stiletto shoe party is a perfect party theme for:

Ladies Night Parties, Bachelorette PartiesBridal Showers (“Perfect Pair, Perfect Fit“), Birthday Luncheons, Retirement Party and even

Bat Mitzvah Celebrations, Quinceanera Celebrations, Teen Parties, and Sweet Sixteen Parties.

What better excuse to break out your favorite high heels and get together with your girlfriends than a shoe themed party! From week nights in to a wild weekend ladies night out, shoe themed parties are a perfect way to bring friends together for an event filled with fabulous fashions. You are never too young or too old to appreciate a great pair of heels. We've got party ideas for children's parties ( think red ruby slippers) through retirement gatherings.

We've pulled together a collection of all the best high heel themed party ideas to make your shoe lover's theme party one to remember. Just click the links below to get inspired!

High Heel Stationery (Stationary) | High Heel Party Decor and Paper Goods | High Heel Favors and Gifts | High Heel Themed Food and Drink | High Heel Games and Entertainment

Shoe Theme Party Invitations & Stamps

Shoe Theme Party Invitations & Stamps

1. Shoe with Flower Pull Out Party Invitations |  2. Houndstooth Shoe Pull Out Party Invitations  | 3.  Trendy Pumps Invitation   | 4. High Heals Foundation Stamp  | 5. Cranberry Shoes Bridal Shower Invitation (available in many colors)   | 6. Pink and Black Stripe Shoe Stamp  | 7.  Fun High Heel Girl’s Night Our Bachelorette Party Invitation  | 8.  Ladies Night Heels Stamp  | 9.  Shoes Party Invitation | 10. Letter Stiletto Invitation  | 11.  Glass Slippers Invitation | 12. Icon Postage Stamp  | 13. Stylish Stilettos Party Invitation (matching return address labels available)   | 14.  Poky Dot High Heel Note Cards  | More Shoe Invitations

There are so many fabulous shoe theme invitations from which to choose!  Whether you are planning a special ladies luncheon, a bridal shower, or a wild bachelorette party, you will have no problem finding a perfect invitation.  Remember  choosing your invitation is the equivalent of the title of a paper … it sets the tone for the entire party! And don't forget the stamp!  If you decide not to customize, please do not mix stamps. It is better to add too much postage than a hodgepodge of mismatched stamps. You have spent so much time and money on every other detail, the difference in price is not worth giving a sloppy first impression.

Shoe Lover’s Theme Party Inspiration – Planning, Ideas & Supplies |High Heel Stationery (Stationary) | High Heel Party Decor and Paper Goods | High Heel Favors and Gifts | High Heel Themed Food and Drink | High Heel Games and Entertainment

Party Hearty!

Shoe Party Decor & Paper Goods

High Heel Shoe Party Decor & Centerpiece Ideas

Chocolate High Heel Shoes.| 2. Pink High Heel Standee  | 3.  Inna Panasenko Highheels, Obsession – Art Print  | 4.  Clear Platform Sandal with Roses available in pink or red  | 5. Sexy Black High Heel Standee  | 6.   Stiletto Cactus Planters |  7. Divalicious Poster  |  8.  Martini And Heels Jointed Glitter Banner   |  9. Bachelorette Party – Martini and Heels 3D Centerpiece 

High Heel Shoe Party Decor & Paper Goods

As in shoes themselves, the options for fabulous high heel stiletto shoe decorations are wide ranging. There are large over-sized standees, great shoe art prints and posters, chocolate candy shoes, and our absolute favorite DIY real shoe centerpieces adorned with flowers and/or large feathers. They are easy to create and can be as elaborate or simple as your budget allows. Add a rotating display base to add movement and even more pizazz to your table!

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Shoe Party Favors & Gifts

Shoe Party Favors & Gifts

1. Crystal Baby Shoe Favors  | 2. High Heel Chocolate Lollipops  | 3. DIY High Heel Cookie Favors | 4.  High Heel Motif available on playing cards and lots of other party favors  | 5. High heel bottle opener favor | 6. Candy-filled Crystal Shoes  | 7. First Class Fashionista” High Heel Luggage Tag  | 8. Slice of Style” Stainless Steel High Heel Cake Server  | 9. Sassy Shoes Favor Mints

There are a slew of fabulous shoe theme party favors and gifts available for just about any event – think bachelorette party, childrens' parties, and even baby showers.  For kids we love these Cinderella shoes filled with necklace candies and for baby showers what could be cuter than a crystal baby shoe favor?  Teens love the high heel motif available on everything from playing cards and milk jars to luggage tags and muffin mix.  The shoe theme lollipops and breath mints work for just about any event.  And we particularly like the high heel cake server and bottle openers for bridal showers and bachelorette parties.

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