Kimono Robes for Your Entire Bridal Party

Bridal Party Matching Kimono Robes

Kimono Robes for Your Entire Bridal Party from Plum Pretty Sugar

Kimono Robes for Your Entire Bridal Party

In case you have not been all over instagram or pinterest lately, kimono robes are everywhere. Our friends over at MomMeMatch recently added darling mommy and me matching kimono robes to their Valentine’s Day Matching Pajamas post and their 10 Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas and even created a post entirely dedicated to Mommy and Me Matching Kimono Robes. Their ideas got us to thinking. There is no reason why everyone in your bridal party should not be wearing matching kimono robes. This includes your bridesmaids, your flower girls, the moms, and even the grandmothers! Not only will these make beautiful photographs, they can easily double as your bridesmaid and flower girl gifts.

We found the featured robes on Plum Pretty Sugar. These robes are made from cotton voile and are available in both knee length & ankle length robes with lots of different patterns from which to choose. They cost $110 and $115 depending on whether you choose the knee length or the ankle length robes.

Plum Pretty Sugar Mother Daughter Matching Kimono Robes

Plum Pretty Sugar Bridal Party Flower Girl Matching Kimono Style Robes (available in both knee length & ankle length and in lots of different patterns!)

Personalized Mother Daughter Matching Cotton Floral Robes

Personalized Cotton Floral Robes  >> Although no girls are shown (probably because most likely that is not apple juice in the champagne flutes), we promise, these robes come in both women’s and children’s sizes.

And then we found these very similar but less expensive, matching kimono robes for the entire bridal party on Etsy.

Bridal Party Matching Kimono Style Robes

Bridal Party Matching Kimono Style Robes

Matching Bridesmaid Flower Girl Robes

Matching Bridesmaid Flower Girl Robes

Matching Flower Girl Bridal Party Kimono Robes

Matching Flower Girl Bridal Party Kimono Style Robes

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