Summer Fun – Backyard Movie Night


Backyard Movie Night

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Summer Fun – Backyard Movie Night

Rather than wasting hours watching mediocre summer television, catch up on the best of the best new release movies.  Make it a movie night and invite friends and family to watch with you.

Use’s Oscar night ballots as a starting point for choosing your nightly movie. Most of the nominated films are currently available on DVD or through Amazon on Demand. Stick with Party Idea Pros simpler Movie Night celebration package ideas for your summertime viewing parties.  Then pick two nights during the summer to glam it up with our Lights, Camera, Action and Hollywood Nights celebration packages.

Organizing a block party or reunion? Hosting an all school barbeque/fundraiser, a sweet sixteen or teen party, an adult or children’s birthday party, or  even anniversary party?  A backyard movie night is a wonderful theme for any warm weather event.  Just choose your movie to suit the occasion  — think John Wayne, Sponge Bob, Legally Blonde, The Parent Trap, Casa Blanca, Star Wars, Rear Window, The Shawshank Redemption Twilight and New Moon double feature and the list goes on and on.   eve

Summer Movie Night Invitations

Drive-In Movie Party Invitation      Movie Ticket Party Invitations      Popcorn Treat Birthday Party Invitations

Drive-In Movie Invitation

Movie Ticket Party Invitation

Popcorn Treat Photo Invitation

Movie Night Studio Basics: Photo Birthday Party Invitations      Take Two Personal Stationery: Party Invitations

Sorry we cannot link directly to this product – please click the link and then search by product name

Movie Ticket Photo Party Invitation

Take Two Movie Party Invitation

Movie Party InvitationsMovie Ticket Invitation CardsIt's Movie Time Party Invitation Movie Night Party Invitations

Movie Party Invitations

Movie Ticket Invitation Cards

It’s Movie Time Party Invitation

Movie Night Party Invitations

Summer Movie Night Stamps

Movie Film Cine Camera Hollywood stamp      Hollywood stamp      Shower of Stars stamp stamp       Movie projector stamp

Movie Film Cine Camera Hollywood


Shower of Stars Stamp

Movie projector stamp

Set Up Your Own Backyard Movie Theater

Consider teaming up with your neighbors to purchase a neighborhood outdoor movie set-up that you can all enjoy together on those balmy summer nights or even rotate between houses for more private viewing. How about offering a double feature — a sunset showing for the kids and a more grown-up movie for the adults, after you put the kids to bed.  Set up tents (indoors or out) at a single neighborhood house and rotate parents through “kid duty.”


Backyard Movie Theater

Backyard Movie Equipment

Portable Movie Theater Screen      Quartet Tripod Projection Screen      Camp Chef Outdoor/Indoor Movie Screen

Quartet Tripod Projection Screen

Camp Chef Outdoor/Indoor Movie Screen

Optoma DV10 MovieTime Home Theater DLP Projector  With Built-In DVD Player      LCD Video Projector (Includes HDMI Cable & Extra Bulb) Great for DVD, Wii, XBox, Playstation      Zoombox DVD Entertainment Projector      DVD Projector

How to Set up your Backyard with Stadium Seating

Rows 1 &2:   Blankets, pillows, sleeping bags on the ground

Rows 3 & 4:   Low to the ground lawn and beach chairs or bean bag chairs

Rows 5 &6 :   Regular height lawn chairs, chaise lounges, and even your family room couches

Rows 7 & 8:   Drag  out those bar and kitchen stools

Simple Backyard Movie Decorating Ideas

Stick with paper plates!  Add a few balloon bunches and maybe a banner.


Movie Theater Popcorn Paper PlatesMovie Icons Film Reel Paper PlatesLights, Camera, Action Paper Plates


Movie Theater Popcorn Paper Plates

Movie Icons Film Reel Paper Plates

Lights, Camera, Action Paper Plates

Hollywood Nights Paper PlatesHollywood Nights NapkinsHollywood Nights Paper Cups

Hollywood Nights Paper Plates

Hollywood Nights Napkins

Hollywood Nights Paper Cups

Popcorn Mylar BalloonSolid Latex Balloons      Movie Popcorn Banner

Popcorn Mylar Balloon

Solid Latex Balloons

Movie Popcorn Personalized Banner Vinyl Banner

Patio Lights and Candles

Movie Reel & Star Floating Candles      Smart Solar 3730WR30 Solar Star Light String, 30  White LEDs with Star Covers

Movie Reel & Star Floating Candles (Sorry we cannot link directly to this product, click on the link and search by product name)

Solar Star Light String


Product DetailsPorcelain Taper Holder With Gold StarsProduct Details


Porcelain Taper Holder With Gold Stars

Glass Star Chime Candle Holder

Votive/Tealight Cup

Celebrity Life Size Cut-Outs

If you want to go all out, add a few life size celebrity cut outs.  Be sure to take lots of pictures!

Marilyn Monroe Cutout      John Wayne Cutout      Edward Cullen Cutout      Justin Bieber Cutout

Marilyn Monroe Cutout

John Wayne Cutout

Edward Cullen Cutout

Justin Bieber Cutout

Movie Night Snacks


Need we say more!  Consider creating a popcorn bar  where your guests can choose from a variety of popcorns:  classic salt and butter, classic plain, kettle,  cheese , and caramel corns.

Plastic Popcorn BoxFour Plastic Popcorn Containers

Plastic Popcorn Box 

Four Plastic Popcorn Containers

Fill with popcorn, of course!

Classic Movie Candy

Milk Duds Theater Box: 12 Count      Skittles Original Box: 12 Count      Junior Mints Theater Box: 24 Count

Milk Duds Theater Box | Skittles Original Box | Junior Mints Theater Box | More Theater Box Candy

Movie Night Intermission Activities

Hold a classic raffle.  Buy enough prizes for everyone to win.  Some good prizes, some not so good.  Choose one of your guests to act as the MC to encourage and facilitate trading.

Red Double Raffle Ticket Roll
Red Double Raffle Ticket Roll

Raffle Gift Ideas

Amazon Gift Cards

iTunes Gift Cards

Small toys or gag gifts related to the movie you are watching

Movie Character Costumes

Choose your Movie

Now Choose Your favorite Movie. You can buy or rent the movie on amazon’s instant video, or you can buy a hard copy.

The Help      The Notebook

Amazon Instant Video

Movies on DVD


Make the Night Last a Year

Don’t let this memorable night fade away with the morning sun. The next day, when all is still fresh, log onto to create photo books, memory calendars, and even photo thank you notes or create a 5×7 photo card announcing the day, time, and location of your next celebration.



Wall Calendars


Or do it the old fashion way — print your photos and store them in an easily accessible photo album

Movie Star Binder    I heart movies! binder    Film Strip Vinyl Binder    Popcorn Binder


Movie Star Binder

I heart movies! binder

Film Strip Vinyl Binder

Popcorn Binder

Photo Pages for 3-Ring Binders


For more detailed party planning, ideas and supplies for your next movie theme party be sure to check out:

Movie Night

Lights, Camera, Action

Hollywood Nights

Party Hearty!

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